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U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve

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Critical Shortfalls and Hot Fills

Volunteer for Active Duty Billet Opportunities: Click Here!

If interested in volunteering for a billet, send an E-mail containing your MOL Username and EDIPI to the Marine Forces Reserve Official Mail Box (MFR OMB):  MFR_Sourcing@usmc.mil.     

OMB Administrators will send you the up-to-date Global Billets Listing with the POC information corresponding to each individual billet.  Once you receive the updated listings, forward your RQS (Blank RQS), official photo, Career Summary (Sample), RTN and billet title directly to the POC listed in the roster.  DO NOT forward the required documents to the MFR Sourcing OIC's personal E-mail

Note:  MOSs 9910, 9916, 8006, 8010 and 8014 are open billet designators, eligible to Marines of the appropriate rank and experience, regardless of Primary MOS.

To Advertise Billet Opportunities: 

(Command Manpower/Personnel Representatives)

Email:  MFR_Sourcing@usmc.mil with:

Billet Title
Start Date
End Date
Clearance Required
POC information (include phone # and E-mail address)
Add'l Info:  Any other pertinent information, i.e. Clearance requirements, billet description, if any waiver can/will be approved.
If requesting to advertise more than 5 Billets; submit the completed advertisement request available HereRTN Managers/Originators requesting to nominate SMCR Marines to IA Billets must complete a Sourcing Request and submit to MFR G-1 Sourcing via OMB:  MFR_Sourcing@usmc.mil 

NOTE.  It is the Billet Owner's (Unit) responsibility to contact MFR Sourcing to request a billet announcement is removed from the listings once the billet advertised has been filled.


Those Reserve Marines interested in volunteering for HQMC Boards, please complete the Board Questionnaire, and submit to the MFR Sourcing OMB for consideration.

Board Questionnaire (Click Here)

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