U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve


U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve

Ready. Relevant. Responsive.

2000 Opelousas Ave., New Orleans, LA 70114
Critical Shortfalls and Hot Fills

Active Duty Billet Opportunities:  Click Here

A PDF version is also available  (Here)

Note:  If interested, send an RQS Blank RQS, official photo, RTN and billet title to the POC listed in column H.  MOSs 9910, 9916, and 8014 are open billet designators, eligible to Marines of the appropriate rank, regardless of Primary MOS.

Advertise Billet Opportunities: 

(Command Manpower/Personnel Representatives)

Email mfr_sourcing@usmc.mil with:

Billet Title
Start Date
End Date
POC information

Board Questionnaire (Click Here)

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