U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve


U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve

Augment. Reinforce. Support.

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Individual Ready Reserve
The Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) Branch is comprised of two sections: Maintenance Section and In/Outbound Section. Through productive personnel management and administrative actions, the IRR Branch maintains qualified and trained Civilians and Marines to meet Marine Corps operational requirements. The IRR Branchs mission is to provide the active forces competent and effective Individual Reserve Marines the capability to seamlessly integrate with the active forces in order to enhance the operational reach and endurance of the Marine Corps. The IRR Branch provides a full range of professional human resources services to members of the Individual Ready Reserves. Customer support is provided to maintain and update personnel records, including the retirement, discharge and transfer Ready Reserve Marines.

IRR Directory


 CWO4 Kendall                                       MSgt Thigpen

     OIC - (504) 697-7922                       SNCOIC- (504) 697-7927 

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G-1 Customer Service  800.255.5082 
G-1 Adjutant 504.697.7117
G-1 Manpower 504.697.7190
G-1 Navy Manpower 504.697.7264
G-1 Recruiting 504.697.7193
G-1 Career Planner 504.697.7795
IRR Career Planner 504.697.8492
G-1 Ops 504.697.7182
G-1 AAU 504.697.7272
G-1 Civilian Personnel 504.697.7283