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Sergeant Major, 4th Medical Battalion Sergeant Major Pete Mireles
Sergeant Major Pete Mireles is a Lockhart High School Graduate Class of 1989, also Senior Class President. Enlisted in the delayed entry program Oct 18, 1988, upon graduating in May of 1989 departed for MCRD San Diego Sept 6th, 1989. Graduated Boot camp Dec 1st, 1989, MCT/SOI followed and was assigned to Lima Company 3rd Battalion 1st Marines 1st Mar Div. As a Saw Gunner, LCpl Mireles was deployed from Dec 1990 to Aug 1991and participated in Operation "Desert Shield/Desert Storm/Desert Saber". As a Fire Team Leader, LCpl Mireles was also a part of Operation "Peacemaker" Riots of L.A. in 1992 as the entire 1st Marine Regiment was assigned to support.

As a Squad Leader, Cpl Mireles then deployed to Okinawa, Japan with Lima 3/1 from Dec 1992 to July 1993, Participated in "Team Spirit" South Korea and numerous other exercises during the deployment. Upon returning to the United States, Cpl Mireles made the decision to return home and join a local reserve unit in Austin, Texas Dec. 1993 with Bravo Company 1st Battalion 23rd Marines. As an individual augment, Cpl Mireles participated in support of JTF (Joint Task Force) Mission Operation Sea Signal Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Dec 1994. Upon return to Bravo Co. 1/23, Cpl Mireles was promoted to Sergeant in June of 1995.

Bravo Company 1/23 was re-designated as Weapons Company 1/23, the summer of 1995 the company was sent to Division Schools 1st Marine Division to train up on 81mm Mortars, Heavy Machine Guns, and Anti-Armor weapon systems, Sgt Mireles was trained as an 0351 Section leader. During the reorganization of Companies within 1/23, a provisional Infantry platoon was attached to Wpns Co 1/23 in Austin to Support Bravo Co 1/23 now located in Bossier City, La. Sgt Mireles was assigned as the Platoon Sergeant from 1996 to 1998. Sgt Mireles was promoted to Staff Sergeant on Jan 1. 1998. SSgt Mireles also volunteered as an individual augment for a 90 day JTF Mission at Rodman Naval Base Panama from May of 1998 to Aug 1998 in support of operation transitioning US occupation in Panama began reduction.

Upon return of JTF 160, SSgt Mireles was assigned to 1st Section leader HMG CAAP (Combined Anti-Armor Plt.) from Sept 1998 to May of 1999; SSgt Mireles was the assigned to lead the 81mm Mortar platoon as Plt Sgt from June of 1999 to June of 2005. During that tenure Weapons Company 1/23 activated in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom OIF II from May of 2004 to May of 2005. SSgt Mireles Lead his 81mm Mortar Platoon as assigned MAP (Mobile Assault Patrols) to support operations in the Al Anbar province at Al Asaad, Haditha, and Hit for SASO (Support and Stability Operation) for RCT 7, 31st MEU, and 3rd LAR "Wolf Pack" Command elements. Weapons Company 1/23 also supported the first ever Democratic election of officials in Jan. of 2005.

Upon returning home, SSgt Mireles was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant May of 2006 as was assigned to the Anti-Armor Platoon as Plt Cmdr/Plt Sergeant; GySgt Mireles lead his platoon successfully in Operation "African Lion" July of 2006 as US forces conducted the first ever Bi-lateral training exercises in the Kingdom of Morocco. GySgt Mireles again returned to Operation "African Lion" July of 2008 as the Operations Chief for Weapons Co 1/23 and assisted in the planning and execution of a successful training evolution with Moroccan forces.

GySgt Mireles transferred to the Marine for Life program and assumed an IMA billet as an HTL (Hometown Link) for the City of Austin, TX. GySgt Mireles assisted over 100 Marines transitioning from Military to Civilian life from Nov 2008 to Oct 2010; GySgt Mireles received National recognition and is mentioned in the "One Marines Story" segment as shown today to all Marines at TAPS briefs. GySgt Mireles transferred back to Weapons Company 1/23 Oct 2010 as Operation Chief, the unit again received activation orders in support of Operation Enduring Freedom OEF 11.

As the Senior Enlisted Tactical advisor, GySgt Mireles assisted in the overall operational readiness of Weapons Company 1/23 Combat Operations aboard Camp Leatherneck, Task Force Belleau Wood, and Helmand Province, Afghanistan from Feb 2011 to Sept 2011. Weapons Company 1/23 was assigned the responsibility of Base Defense, Control of the Main Entry Point, and outer perimeter patrols. GySgt Mireles was also in charge of creating a 4 day course for Non-Infantry Marines of 2nd Mar Div, 2nd MLG, 2nd MAW, and Bahraini Special Security Force Rangers; this course entailed training with crew serve weapons systems, interior guard, rules of engagement, and escalation of force combating enemy TTP's in the area. 5 classes of over 46 Marines were taught by GySgt Mireles and his training detachment of Marines were personally assigned by II MHG, the guard platoon guarded over 48,000 total individuals of the BLS (Bastion Leatherneck Shorbak) complex.

During the deployment, GySgt Mireles was assigned as the Acting 1stSgt of Weapons Company 1/23 and was promoted to the rank of First Sergeant Aug of 2011, upon return home to the US, 1stSgt Mireles reported to assume duty as Company 1stSgt for Ordinance Maintenance Company 4th Battalion 4th MLG in Waco, TX January 2012 until August 2013; due to FSRG requirements and realignment of leadership with in the newly formed CLB 453 CLR-4 4th MLG, 1stSgt Mireles was assigned Company 1stSgt for Motor-T Company CLB 453 CLR-4 4th MLG Lubbock, TX and served until April 2015 upon his selection to Sergeant Major and promoted April 1, 2015.

Sergeant Major Mireles is currently assigned as the Battalion Sergeant Major of the 4th Medical Battalion, 4th Marine Logistics Group located in San Diego California.

SgtMaj Mireles personal decorations include the Navy Marine Corps Commendation Medal, the Navy Achievement Medal, the Combat Action Ribbon w Gold Star, The Good Conduct Medal, the Select Marine Corps Reserve Medal with 5 Bronze stars, and the Armed Forces Reserve Medal with Hourglass and 2 Mobilizations.