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Fiscal Year 2018 Competition-In-Arms Program Announcement

By Pfc. Tessa D. Watts | Marine Corps Forces Reserves | October 31, 2017

NEW ORLEANS -- style="margin: 0in 0in 10pt;">Marine Administrative Message 581/17 announces the Competition-In-Arms Program for fiscal year 2018.

            The primary objective of the program is to stimulate interest and desire for self-improvement in marksmanship, and to enhance proficiency in the use of individual small arms to support success in combat.

            Participating units may send individuals or entire teams to the competition. Teams are comprised of one firing officer, one sergeant or below who has never shot in the competitions, division matches or combat matches, and two Marines of any rank, one of which must be enlisted.

            The top 10 percent of Marines who place at their respective competition sites will have the opportunity to participate in the Marine Corps Marksmanship Matches. Marines who perform exceptionally during the matches will be selected to augment the United States Marine Corps Shooting Team for the remainder of the competitive season.

            Members of the Marine Corps Reserve Shooting Team may participate in either the East or West competitions based on where the individual Marine is stationed.

            Marines interested in participating should contact their unit commander at least 30 days prior to their respective match.

            For more information, see MARADMIN 581/17.

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