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Combat Operational Stress Control (COSC)
USMC Combat Operational Stress Continuum

The Marine Corps views combat operational stress along a continuum. It is a representation of how you or others are functioning with deployment-related stress. It ranges from green (ready) to yellow (reacting) to orange (injured) and red (ill).
  • Green (Ready) - In the green “ready” zone, you and your family are functioning well. You feel ready to handle the many challenges of deployment.
  • Yellow (Reacting) - In the yellow “reacting” zone, you have mild, transient stress reactions, which are common.
  • Orange (Injured) - The orange “injured” zone, includes more severe, persistent symptoms that are significant departures from your usual behavior and are not getting better, and suggest that there is more than just difficulty adjusting to deployment stress.
  • Red (Ill) - The red “ill” zone is for those who have a severe disorder, such as major depression, anxiety, or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
Decision Matrix

The Decision Matrix is a tool for both leaders and Marines to use in assessing where any Marine is at any given time on the stress continuum. It is a simple tool that is based on the Continuum Model to help leaders evaluate Marines who may be suffering from combat stress problems. The lists of stress symptoms on the far right, highlighted by the Yellow, Orange, and Red brackets, give the leader or Marine some indications of typical problems at each level of function. The diamonds in the middle specify decisions needed to determine the severity of the stress problem, and the boxes on the left indicate what action needs to be taken for each level of severity. The Decision Matrix may be used at any stage in the deployment cycle. It can be used to self-evaluate and it can also be used by Marines to help their Marine friends who have symptoms of deployment-related stress.

Continuum for Marines Decision Matrix for Marines
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Family Members
Continuum for Family Members Decision Matrix for Family Members

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