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Combat Operational Stress Control (COSC)

"I think it's good that the Marine Corps is telling us it's okay to get help. Marines are proud people and help is a good thing."

"I think it's a good tool. I think it brings out a lot of details that I personally overlooked. It makes you think about everything. It's a good eye opener. I've seen some of the signs in Marines since we've gotten back. Nothing extreme, but now I'll pay even more attention to the signs."

"I think that this program will help Marines who are and aren't troubled recognize someone they know or if they themselves have a problem. I also think that the new program will help lower suicide rates... Thank you SgtMaj."

"I'm glad the Marine Corps is now handling this... having a combat vet heading this is very effective... we can talk to anyone, but only the people who have experienced the same kind of things can truly understand what we are going through."

"SgtMaj helped me to realize the severity of PTSD...his speech was very informative."

"Will help get the message out and remove the stigma of PTSD."

"The COSC was very is not only related to combat stress but can be related to everyday life."

"The class helped me a lot to see the signs."

"I think this is going to be a great tool for leaders...will be able to take care of our Marines better."

"Helpful, it has made me more aware of the people around me."

"The biggest help I got from this brief was the fact that getting mental help will not affect my career."

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