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Quick Guide to the Delay Deferment and Exemption Process

The major change in the Delay Deferment and Exemption (DDE) Process is the new DDE MARADMIN 49/03 which replaced MARADMIN 22/02.



* The primary reference is MARADMIN 049/03.
* Section 4C of this MARADMIN lists possible reasons for requesting a DDE.
* MARFORRES Mobilization LOI 1000 MPR of 11 Jan 05, paragraph 4007 provides additional
* Section 5B of this MARADMIN gives the format for requests.
* SMCR members submit their request to their unit commanders. IMA, IRR, and Retirees submit
   their request to CG MCRSC.
* SMCR unit commanders will either:
 - Grant/refuse delay up to the limit of their authority as listed in Section 4B.
 - Or, for requests that exceed the unit commander's authority, forward the request
    via the chain-of-command to Command Inspector General with the unit
    commander's approval/disapproval recommendation. In most such cases, the
    unit commander should grant at least 14 days delay to allow sufficient time for
    the DDE request to be evaluated by MARFORRES.
Note: Unit Commanders/CG Mobilization Command DO NOT have the authority to refuse to forward a DD&E request.

Example: A Marine in I Battery 3rd Bn. 14th Marines requests a four week delay to recover from a football injury. The I Battery Commander may decide to:

- Grant this Marine 5 to 14 days delay and then forward the package directly to COMMARFORRES with either a recommendation of approval or disapproval for more delay.

All requests shall be handled as expeditiously as possible.

DDE request applications must be processed in an expeditious manner. If delay requests are within the unit commander's authority a decision should be made as soon as possible after due consideration of the request.

When requests exceed the authority of the unit commander they are to be forwarded to the Commander, Marine Forces Reserve (Attn: Command Inspector General) via the chain-of-command. Each echelon in the chain-of-command must endorse the request appropriately. Email reply endorsements are acceptable.

Commands are encouraged to route DDE applications with endorsements electronically whenever possible. The target is to have the application with all endorsements to the Command Inspector General within 7 days of the application date.

If a unit commander decides to delay a package for more than one day in order to obtain more information, study options, etc. then the commander should e-mail Command Inspector General and let the Deputy Inspector General know that a package is being worked by a unit. But a Unit Commander/CG Mobilization Command does not have the authority to refuse to forward a DD&E request. Email applications to
Deputy IG.

If there are any questions please call (504) 678-1320.


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