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U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve

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Command Inspector General

Inspection Coordination Center (ICC)

ICC Organizational mailbox is: SMB MFR G7 ICC INSP


Force Readiness Activation Assessment Program (FRAAP)


Mission:  Annually, COMMARFORRES assesses unit level activation readiness through the FRAAP in order to uphold core competency for providing forces as directed within phases 1 and 2 of deploying forces.


Commander’s IntentThe purpose of the FRAAP assessment is to evaluate a reserve unit’s ability to activate, stage, and marshal personnel and equipment for follow-on movement prior to integration with a Gaining Force Commander (GFC).


The MARFORRES Command Inspector General (CIG) will conduct periodic inspections of Selected Marine Corps Reserve (SMCR) units to ensure unit activation readiness for smooth integration with the GFC.  This assessment will be scheduled for prioritized units identified annually by the G-3/5 based on Global Force Management (GFM) sourcing, units in a post Service Level Training Event (SLTE) status, and units identified for operational plan (OPLAN) preferred sourcing.


FRAAP Organizational mailbox is: MFR_G7_FRAAP_INSP