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Bullying is defined as:

Any conduct whereby a service member or DoD employee intentionally and without proper authority but with a nexus to military service excludes or rejects a service member or members, regardless of service or rank, through cruel, abusive, humiliating, oppressive, demeaning, or harmful behavior, which results in diminishing the member’s dignity, position, or status. Bullying is evaluated by a reasonable person standard.

Bullying is typically a course of conduct which, without intervention, continues without a specific end point or event. Bullying may include an abuse of authority. Bullying tactics include, but are not limited to, making threats, spreading rumors, social isolation, and attacking someone physically, verbally, or through the use of electronic media. Bullying includes, but is not limited to, teasing; taunting; oral or written berating of another for the purpose of belittling or humiliating; and, degrading or damaging a person or his or her property or reputation. Bullying can be conducted through the use of electronic devises or communications, and by other means, as well as in person.

Bullying does not include: properly direct command and organizational activities, or the training required to prepare for such activities (e.g., administrative corrective measures; Extra Military Instruction; command-authorized physical training); proper verbal and written counseling addressing performance or conduct deficiencies; authorized incentive training permitted exclusively at the Marine Corps Recruit Depots; or similar activities properly authorized by the chain of command.