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Informal Resolution System

Informal Resolution (IR) enables the parties to any alleged unprofessional conduct to resolve interpersonal conflicts at the lowest appropriate level. Conflict can be defined as a disagreement between two or more people that raises serious concerns and needs to be resolved. The aggrieved uniform service member may pursue informal resolution of their interpersonal conflict. Commanders will determine the appropriate means to handle a prima facie complaint. However, commanders shall not obstruct any individual from initiating a complaint through any avenue alleging prohibited activities and conduct.

IR provides the necessary information and skills to encourage and facilitate resolving interpersonal conflicts in the workplace at the lowest appropriate level. IR emphasizes each person’s responsibility to be a role model of acceptable behavior and confront unacceptable behavior when observed or brought to his or her attention.

Methods of Informal Resolution include:

Direct: In person, by approaching the alleged offender(s) involved. Stay focused on the behavior and its impact. Use common courtesy and ensure the approach is not disrespectful. Consider writing down thoughts prior to approaching the alleged offender(s) involved.

Informal Third Party: Request assistance from another person, normally a friend, coworker, or the EOA. Ask another person to talk with the alleged offender(s) involved, to accompany while utilizing the direct approach, or to intervene to help resolve the conflict. This may include a person in the chain of command, EOA, or other appropriate individual.

Training Information Resources (TIR): Request training or resource materials for presentation to the work place of prohibited activities and conduct. TIR includes videos, books, lesson plans, posters, etc. Request TIR from the EOA/MEO Office.

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