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Force Readiness Assessment & Assistance Program (FRAAP)

Marine Forces Reserve Force Readiness Assessment and Assistance Program “FRAAP" Mission is:

To conduct Force Readiness Assessment and Assistance Program in order to provide the COMMANDER, MARINE FORCES RESERVE (COMMARFORRES) with an accurate assessment of Force mobilization readiness.

Commander’s Intent. The purpose of the FRAAP assessment program is to evaluate the reserve unit’s ability to integrate with the Gaining Force Commander (GFC) for all Force units. Therefore MARFORRES will conduct a mobilization capability assessment for each Select Marine Corps Reserve (SMCR) unit in MARFORRES, no less than biannually, in order to ensure Force Readiness and facilitate integration with the GFC upon activation.

Concept of Operations. Commanding General Mobilization Command (CG MOBCOM) will establish and support an independent FRAAP Mobilization Training Unit (MTU), which will conduct assessments based on a unit’s assessment schedule coordinated by MARFORRES. Unit notification will be via official message and/or email notification letter of FRAAP to follow. This notification can be given between 96 hours and 3 months prior to an assessment. Assessment recommendations will be forwarded to COMMARFORRES for the final decision. Command Inspector General (CIG), MARFORRES will develop and maintain a statistical feedback capability to provide detailed information to improve FRAAP processes and procedures. The desired end state is a no less then biannual rotating unit assessment, which includes a feedback process to assist unit commanders with maintaining unit mobilization readiness. FRAAP guidelines and checklists can viewed on the G-7 FRAAP program link.

The FRAAP Program and Functional Manager is the MARFORRES G-7. MARFORRES G-7 coordinates change to FRAAP Policies and Checklists. They will also ensure FRAAP assessors are properly trained, execute FRAAP assessments and capture results.

FRAAP Order questions should be directed to the MARFORRES G-7 representatives at (504) 697-7287.

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