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2000 Opelousas Ave., New Orleans, LA 70114
G-7 Inspector

Marine Forces Reserve Inspector General's Office Email: MFRHOTLINES@USMC.MIL

IN ORDER TO SUBMIT A FRAUD WASTE & ABUSE or HOTLINE COMPLAINT, PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING FORMAT WHEN SUBMITTING VIA EMAIL OR REGULAR MAIL (if you call in a complaint via telephone, you should still have the information listed below).

1. Do you wish to remain anonymous?

Yes (If yes, do not identify yourself below)

2. If no, do you want confidentiality?

Yes (If yes, identify yourself below. We will not release your name without your consent.)

3. Are you willing to be interviewed?


4. Your Name: (if you do not wish to remain anonymous - no nicknames please)

First –
Last -
 Mailing Address:
Address Line 1 –
Address Line 2 –
City –
State –
Zip code –
Home Telephone: (Area Code & number) (Include country code, if applicable)
Work Telephone: (Area Code & number) (Include DSN and/or country code, if applicable)
 E-Mail Address: 

5. Who is involved? Include everyone’s first and last names, rank/pay grade, and duty station/place of employment.

Subject(s): Who performed the wrongdoing? 
Witness(es): Who are the witnesses?

6. What did the subject do or fail to do that was wrong?

7. What rule, regulation or law do you think the subject(s) violated?

8. When did the incident occur?  Provide dates and times etc

9. Where did the incident take place?  What location, command etc.?

10. Why do you think the incident took place?

11. How have you tried to resolve the problem? Have you contacted your chain of command? Have you contacted your local Inspector? Have you tried to resolve your complaint using an established process such as Bureau of Corrections of Naval Records, Informal Resolution System, EO/EEO or legal system?

12. What do you want the Inspector to do?

13. Additional information you wish to provide.

Hotline Complaints can be sent to the following E-mail Address:

Or via Mail:
Attn: Inspector General's Office Hotline Complaint
Marine Forces Reserve
2000 Opelousas Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70114-1500

Or Via Telephone:
Commercial: 1-800-295-2712

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