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Why Life Skills?
Communication, leadership, personal development, and professional growth are important to all Marines and their loved ones. Life Skills courses serve to meet our community’s need for intellectual stimulation and self-improvement by offering a variety of training options. Schedule a training and help your unit take a step forward in both personal and professional life today!

How to Schedule:
All classes are brought to you by your MARFORRES Marine Corps Family Team Building Life Skills Trainer or a trained facilitator. We will work to meet your requested timeline and travel to your desired location.

To schedule training, contact the Life Skills Trainer at (504)697-8111.

We will tailor training opportunities to fit your needs, time frame, event, and serviced community. Add some variety and energy to your family readiness program with our fun & educational life skills classes!

How to Market:

Schedule your class far enough in advance to allow adequate marketing and registration windows. Marketing the event is the responsibility of the host unit.



This interactive workshop is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to gain a working knowledge of personal communication styles and personality types.  The workshop also helps define individual, signature strengths and highlights ways to build on those strengths to solve common problems and enjoy Marine Corps life.  Use this new understanding of self to improve communication and relationships with your spouse, family, friends, and co-workers!

Cooperative Parenting and Divorce
The Cooperative Parenting and Divorce workshop focuses on the needs of children during a breakup, separation or divorce. It is designed to provide essential cooperative parenting skills by helping parents gain an understanding of what is needed to help their children successfully adjust to these new circumstances.   Participants will learn about the effects of divorce on children, be able to identify common reactions observed in children of various ages, in addition to developing various techniques for successful co-parenting.

Developing Healthy Blended Families
The Developing Healthy Blended Families workshop is designed to help Marine Corps parents gain a better understanding of the common and practical issues facing blended families. This training will provide them information on what parents can do to help promote family unity. Topics discussed include the roles of a stepparent, stages of blended family development, and tips for nurturing and enriching the family relationship.

Parenting Kids in a Marine Corps Family
The Parenting Kids in a Marine Corps Family addresses many of the rewarding experiences kids of Marines experience, as well as many of the challenges they may face. This workshop will provide Marine Corps families with the knowledge and skills necessary for healthy parenting. Topics discussed include challenges of Marine Corps parents, child development and temperament, communicating effectively with children, and positive ways to respond to misbehavior.

Parenting Teens in a Marine Corps Family
Parental interaction with teenagers can be stressful. This workshop is designed to minimize that stress for Marine Corps parents by providing them with an overview of the concepts and management skills needed to successfully relate to their teens. Information provided will highlight adolescent changes, general behavior parents may be observing as a normal stage in their teen’s development, as well as tips in discussing some common issues teens face.

Single Parenting for the Marine
This workshop will address the special needs and practical challenges of the Marine Corps “single” population who happen to be parents. Participants will gain knowledge and develop techniques to help themselves and their children cope with the special demands of single parenting in the Marine Corps. Topics discussed include making the adjustment to single parenting, learning how to communicate with a co-parent, managing finances, taking care of yourself, dating concerns and preparing for and helping children deal with deployment.

Building Lasting Relationships
The challenges of a military lifestyle can place many demands on Marines and their families. This workshop provides practical information and tools to enhance healthy relationships and educate Marines and their partners on how to successfully nurture and maintain a positive union. It is designed to be preventive in nature by teaching and demonstrating positive, proactive ways to build a healthy, lasting relationship.

Interpersonal Communications
The Interpersonal Communications workshop is an educational experience to increase competence in using more effective communication skills, and to promote healthy relationships. This workshop’s focus is preventative in nature, enabling Marines and their families to function more effectively at home and at work thereby supporting personal self-sufficiency and operational readiness in the field.

Conflict Management
The Conflict Management workshop addresses interpersonal conflict and is designed to help Marines and their families become more aware of conflict; empowering them to make healthy choices by managing their responses to conflict. It provides tools for addressing and managing conflict on an everyday basis.

Social Networking Safety
The Social Networking Safety workshop addresses the dangers and risks, as well as positive outcomes, associated with social networking. This workshop also provides Marines and their families with information on how to protect themselves and family members, and ways to stay safe while on the internet, and on social networking sites. It also provides strategies on how to protect yourself and your family from predators on social networking sites, keeping children and teens safe online, and tips on social networking while traveling or on vacation.

Basic Stress Management
The Basic Stress Management workshop is designed to help Marines and their families minimize stress by providing them with basic education on the concepts and management skills needed to successfully navigate both the everyday and extraordinary stress of a Marine Corps lifestyle. Information provided includes a general overview of stress, the causes and effects, the importance of recognizing individual responses to stress, as well as successful strategies for improving personal well-being and personal relationships with others.

Basic Anger Management
The Basic Anger Management workshop is a basic overview of anger management. It provides education on the dynamics of anger and offers a variety of acceptable coping strategies to handle angry feelings and behaviors. Although disagreements and anger are a normal part of life, not being able to manage your anger can negatively affect the efficient functioning and morale of Marine Corps units, individuals, families and communities.

Family Care Plan
This course will educate Marines and their families on the basics of a Family Care Plan. It will outline the importance of a Family Care Plan, and the importance of always having it updated.

Aging Parents & Elder Care
This workshop will help Marines and their families in dealing with the complexities of assisting elderly adults. It provides information to help families make informed decisions concerning elder care, as well as strategies for coping with day-to-day challenges involved with caring for your elderly loved one.

Emergency Preparedness
The Emergency Preparedness workshop contains information regarding actions that Marines and families should take to be informed and prepared in the event of natural and manmade hazards. This workshop outlines the importance of our Marines and families to always be prepared for all types of emergencies, and to increase their personal sense of security and peace of mind.

Safe & Sound at Home
This workshop provides important safety precautions for Marine Corps families, and instills spouses/family members with the ability and confidence to be responsible for their personal safety and the safety of their families while their Marines are deployed. This workshop will help you identify some precautions you can take for your personal safety, and tips to teach your children and teens, as well as guidelines for storing personal weapons and steps you can take to prevent a fire!

Casualty Notification Process – Scared of “The Call”? The Casualty Process De-Mystified
This workshop will help minimize stress and confusion by providing a brief overview on the casualty process, the role of the Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO), and information on benefits, support services and organizations. It will help you understand the definition of a “casualty” as it relates to the Marine Corps, and discusses the casualty notification process for all casualties.


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