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Academic Explorer
What is AeX?

AeX provides students, academic counselors, and academic institutions with a powerful web-based tool for identifying and exploring post-secondary education options in an un-biased, standardized, and comprehensive manner.

AeX contains comprehensive information on the certificate and degree program offerings of regionally and nationally accredited academic institutions, and provides students and counselors with one-stop access to hundreds of certificate and degree programs offered by dozens of accredited academic institutions.

AeX users can quickly and efficiently locate the academic institutions and educational programs that best meet their needs, thereby avoiding the overwhelming amount of information provided by generic web-based search engines.

AeX also eliminates the need for users to navigate through the individualized structure of each institution's website to find relevant information.

While AeX has been deployed in cooperation with the USMC Lifelong Learning Program, it is an open platform and can be used by other services of the Department of Defense, or for that matter, by any member of the general public. AeX is a fully open platform and there is no fee to users to access and use the system. Equally important, AeX does not require users to register with the system, or provide any personal information whatsoever.

The online search capability of AeX is robust. It allows users to search and evaluate post secondary education programs at all levels -- from Certificate Programs to Associate Degrees, Bachelors Degrees and beyond -- using a variety of search criteria including Keywords; Degree Level; Degree/Discipline; Location; Institution; and other criteria.

AeX is easy to use and presents information in a clear and helpful manner. Once users zero in on the degree programs, course offerings, or institutions that meet their criteria, they can then explore the details for each option right down to course descriptions, number of credits, prerequisites, and a host of other related information.

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