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Military Academic Skills Program (MASP)
What is MASP?

• Military Academic Skills Program (MASP) is an on-duty educational (commanders') program designed to improve the competencies of active duty and reserve enlisted personnel/dependents in the academic skills of math and reading.

• MASP is for all active duty and reserve military students who are using tuition assistance for the first time, and who have a GT of 99 or below and failed to achieve a grade of 10.2 on the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE). Completion of MASP is required prior to submitting requests for tuition assistance.

Upon completion of the course, MASP students should be able to:

• Improve basic skills in English and Math
• Score higher on the ASVAB
• Increase the General Technical (GT) or AFQT scores on the ASVAB

General eligibility and target populations for MASP include:

• Enlisted personnel with a General Technical (GT) score of 99 or below.
• Enlisted personnel who score below 10.2 on the Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE)
• Enlisted personnel referred by Commanding Officers to improve work performance.
• Self-referral for career, professional and personal development

How does MASP operate?

• MASP can accommodate up to 12 students
• Teachers specializing in adult education provide instruction in a traditional classroom setting.
• All students must meet a minimum number of instructional and supervised study hours.

Are there prerequisites?

With command support, any enlisted service member whose EAS allows sufficient time to complete a future course, may schedule the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) pre-test.

***Reserves and I&I – because of the challenging situation of not being near an installation where MASP is offered, MASP WILL NOT BE REQUIRED. However, MARFORRES Force Education Officer has the authority to limit the number of courses taken if you do not meet the required GT score of 100.

Contact your Lifelong Learning Center at mfreducation@usmc.milto get a location near you to schedule the TABE or for more information.
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