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Competitive Sports/Events

The MARFORRES Competitive Sports Program provides Marines on independent duty an opportunity to take part in competitive events regardless of skill or experience.  Competition helps promote combat readiness, physical fitness, esprit de corps, leadership, healthy lifestyles, and the overall improvement of Quality of Life (QOL).

Due to the geographically dispersed and remote locations of I&Is, participation in competitive events shall be intramural in nature; not associated with an installation Varsity-level Sports program. 

Authorized Competitive Events include:
• Flag Football
• Basketball
• Softball or Baseball
• Soccer
• Rugby
• Running or Adventure Race events
• Golf
• Sports that coincide with recognized HQMC All-Marine Sports teams
• All other requests TBD by SFD

Eligibility Criteria for any MFR Semper Fit funded activity:
• AD/AR (no ADOS, SMCRs, HUMS, or CIV) and personnel of other services officially attached or assigned to unit’s TO are eligible to participate
• Must be attached to the unit for entire length of the league or event
 Must NOT be on BCP, MAP, Med Hold or Light Duty

All requests MUST include:
• A signed/scanned version of the  Competitive Sports Request template with written justification from the unit CO/I&I/OIC (copy and paste template onto unit letterhead, then complete)
• A minimum 10 business days prior to any registration deadline or event day (whichever comes first)
• Start and end date of league/event and the day(s) of the week the team will be playing
• A minimum of (3) participants from the unit required for funding (Roster must be opened/announced to entire unit to give all opportunity to participate)
• A completed registration form for the league/event and a roster of participants (name, rank, last 4 of SSN) must be attached
• A league/event POC (vendor, not unit rep) must be identified
• All registration fees must be Tax Exempt, vendor must accept a credit card over the phone for one lump sum, and not require a third party billing (PayPal, phone fees, etc.) – confirm with vendor prior to submitting
• Email signed/completed request and supporting documentation to the MFR Semper Fit Director or fax to 504-697-9768

MFR Semper Fit CANNOT authorize funding for:
• Any league/event related to a fundraising activity or organization or has a cash prize for participating
• Participants on teams other than “unit teams”  (definition: a total roster consisting of eligible participants) 
• Co-Located/Tenant Units - if stationed on a base with an existing MWR program that offers league play, then you are not eligible for funding of an off-site league

Semper Fit will not reimburse any unauthorized (payment made) league/event participation.

HQMC All-Marine Sports Tryouts:
All-Marine Sports Application
Marines/Sailors meeting the Eligibility Criteria above can submit an application to attend a HQMC All-Marine Sports tryout, provided they have documentation of past performance at that level of competition. 
The procedures are as follows:
• Complete the All-Marine Sports Application above, including your and your CO’s signature
• Send application and supporting documentation of past performances to the MFR Semper Fit Directorto verify and sign off as the Athletic Director.  SFD will then forward to HQMC Sports for granting an invitation to the tryout. 
• MFR Semper Fit does not make the determination of who is granted an invitation

2012 Marine Corps Marathon support:  (subject to availability of funds)
MCM Request template
• Units may submit a request for (5) MCM registrations (registration ONLY; individuals responsible for TAD)
• Email completed MCM Request template (Excel spreadsheet format) to MFR Semper Fit Director NLT than deadline noted in announcement (TBD)
• Force-wide; first-come-first-served basis
• Must meet the Eligible participation guidelines above

Total cost for event registration and any other associated fees shall not exceed $2,500.00. MFR Semper Fit will make payment directly to the vendor, upon review and approval. Units WILL NOT make payments out of their unit funds. 

*If units/individuals choose to begin an event or league PRIOR to receiving the confirmation of payment email from MFR Semper Fit, then they choose to accept that payment may be out-of-pocket, non-reimbursable, if an issue arises with the payment.

Uniforms are authorized for established unit teams participating in leagues (not 1-3 day competitive events). This request shall be submitted separately from the event fee support using the Uniform request template.

Total cost for uniforms shall not exceed $50.00 per uniform, including screen-printing, tops and bottoms. Warm-ups are not an authorized expense. All uniforms shall be recorded on the unit’s CMR.

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