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Semper Fit
Semper Fit Conferences and Training Courses

MFR Semper Fit provides the education and training opportunities necessary for our warfighters to stay up to date on evolving trends in combat conditioning, fitness, SMP, and overall healthy lifestyles. Each educational opportunity is hosted in a Train-the-Trainer format. In doing so, MFR Semper Fit is able to create “resident experts” at the Company/Unit level throughout the Force.

All conferences and trainings hosted by MFR Semper Fit will be fully funded by MFR Semper Fit.

Attendees at any MARFORRES Semper Fit hosted course must meet the following criteria, similar to the prerequisites for the Combat conditioning Specialist (CCS) course formerly hosted by TECOM/MACE:

     • E-5 and above (waiver required for E-4)
     • Active Duty/Active Reserve (no ADOS, SMCR)
     • A minimum of 12 months remaining on contract
     • Primarily responsible for Company/Unit Command Physical Training Program (CPTP)
     • Not assigned to BCP or MAP
     • Full duty status
     • Reporting Senior/CO endorsement
     • CO/OIC physical fitness goal for section
     • Enrolled in/completed MCI 4133/4135 Semper Fit: Basic Fitness Course

To request a seat in any Semper Fit hosted training, submit the following:

• Semper Fit Training Request



HITT agenda

High Intensity Tactical Training (HITT) course:




Per reference MCO 6100.13:
     • “A Marine is a professional warrior athlete”
     • “Fitness is an essential component of Marine Corps combat readiness”
     • “Marines who are not physically fit are a detriment and detract from the combat readiness of their unit”

Attendees who complete this course will be able to implement physical training protocols that include training for performance, nutrition, functional training, dynamic warm-ups, medicine ball drills, Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ) drills, plyometrics, reaction drills, and circuit training. Attendees will also be able to effectively design programs to train with intent, train with purpose, and train for the mission. Some of these protocols are identified in the “Conditioning Programs” link on the right. This education is not offered in any other venue throughout MARFORRES

MarineNet and MCIs:
Marines and Sailors have 24/7 access to these online PowerPoint presentations and MCIs related to physical fitness, health promotion, suicide and injury prevention, etc. (MarineNet courses generate a certificate of completion that can be submitted for your personnel record)
MCI 4135: Semper Fit Basic Fitness Course (now an online course)
MCI 4134: Semper Fit Advanced Fitness Course
(MCI Courses are automatically recorded in your personnel record)

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