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Gym Equipment

MFR Semper Fit is not able to purchase/replace gym equipment if the unit is within a 15 minute drive time of any complimentary access to equipment, if access to equipment is owned by other Branches, or if the unit is receiving funding elsewhere, or otherwise ineligible.

Units that are not co-located or tenants on another Branch’s installation are eligible to receive funding for gym equipment, provided that the space is dedicated for fitness and is under the sole management of the Marines.





The equipment descriptions and photos listed are not an advertisement, endorsement, or in any way promoting one particular vendor/manufacturer.  The items listed are simply a point of reference for units to use in determining the functionality of the equipment being requested.  The equipment contracted may or may not look similar to the items listed; however, the functionality will be the same across whatever vendor is awarded the contract. 

All contracting procedures, rules and laws apply.

• Unit must NOT be stationed on any DoD installation with an existing fitness facility that can be accessed with no charge, or be within a 15 minute drive time (one way)  of any complimentary access to fitness equipment.

Co-located/tenant units shall contact MFR Semper Fit Director (SFD) at
mfr_semper_fit@usmc.mil  PRIOR to starting the process outlined in the “Request Procedures” below.  NOSC Tenants shall review the links below prior to contacting SFD:



Unit must not be scheduled for BRAC or FSRG within 2 years of equipment request.  CO confirmation required.

All requests must be on the Gym Equipment Request template, with written justification, signed by the unit CO/I&I/OIC. Use the steps below to submit your unit’s request:

1.  Review the 
Authorized Gym Equipment descriptions to select the type of equipment your unit is requesting. Only those items on the gym equipment description list will be authorized, unless SFD gives specific approval.

2.  A layout of the equipment and the room to be used for the function requested, including square footage (be as accurate as possible – do not guess), must be obtained. Copy and paste the link below into your internet browser to design the room with the corresponding equipment (please review the disclaimer above).

http://lifefitness-commercial.icovia.com/  (copy and paste)  Register – it’s free. 

3.  Be sure to enter the following into the layout, in addition to the equipment being requested (again, from the “Authorized Gym Equipment” list):

- on the left, there are two tabs, "Products" and "Symbols".  Click on Symbols, then the partners drop down.  Click on "Structural" and doors will be the first thing that pops up.  Once you place it on the wall, then adjust the width of the door to its actual size.

B) ELECTRICAL OUTLETS  (dedicated circuits for treads and other cardio):
- Click on Symbols, then the partners drop down.  Click on "Structural" then "miscellaneous".  Electrical outlets has he little lightning bolt next to it

Once you have completed the full room layout and included all items being requested, click on “Share” at the top of the page.  Enter the email address mfr_semper_fit@usmc.mil and click “Send” for SFD to review and provide guidance.  Once an approved layout is received and confirmed by unit and SFD, proceed to #4 below.

4.  Using the Quantity List, input the quantity of each piece of equipment requested (the spreadsheet will automatically tally the total cost). YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GET A QUOTE FROM A VENDOR!  You must include all the info requested at the top of the spreadsheet, as well as select a frame and upholstery color that will apply to all pieces. The SFD can provide some guidance on this if needed.

Requests for a newly acquired fitness/gym area will also be awarded floor mats. Using the tab “Flooring” in the Quantity List spreadsheet, include the total square footage of the area to be used. Input that number only if the unit is requesting flooring.  If your unit is NOT requesting flooring, then delete that tab.  SFD will determine if the unit rates floor mats in all other instances.

5.  SUBMIT:  Forward your request to
mfr_semper_fit@usmc.mil with the following as separate attachments:

·         Gym Equipment Request Template: Completed, CO signed, scanned as a PDF

·         Gym Layouts (PDF): (1) Scanned version of the room layout with equipment and dimensions AND (1) blank room layout with room dimensions only (just delete all items in room and save as “UNIT NAME-BLANK”) and send as separate attachments

·         Quantity List (Excel spreadsheet format): From #4 above


Once all required documentation is reviewed, authorized, and a site visit has been performed by MFR Semper Fit or it’s representative, MFR Semper Fit will submit for contracting - not the unit.  From the time of contract submission, units can expect an approximated 3 months before the equipment is delivered to the unit and installed, primarily due to the quality of the equipment procured.

[Preventative Maintenance Agreement Template]                         [Vendor Review Form]                


If total cost of request, including shipping, is less than $3,000: Refer to the “Accountable Equipment” template on the “How to Request” tab.

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