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YMCA DOD Eligibility Form Fitness Log for TAD/TDY Travel
Respite Child Care Private Facility Request Template
Gym Membership Checklist  

Armed Services YMCA and Department of Defense Outreach Initiative
YMCA Respite Child Care
(Effective 1 Oct 08)

DoD has contracted with the Armed Services YMCA to fund YMCA memberships at participating YMCAs throughout the United States and Puerto Rico for the following groups:

• Deployed National Guard and Reserve Personnel (Army/Navy/Air Force/Marine Corps). Deployment must be for a minimum of 6 months.
• Active Duty Personnel at Independent Duty Stations
• Relocated Spouse of Deployed Active Duty Personnel

Eligible Personnel:

• Authorized only for those commands who have no access to free fitness, are not receiving funding for fitness, and/or have fitness equipment onsite.
• Only Active Duty/Active Reserve assigned to a Marine unit’s T/O. ADOS or SMCR are not eligible.


• May opt to join a private fitness facility vice the YMCA
• Must come to a consensus on private fitness provider; no multiple locations
• Limited to a max of $50.00 per month. Any fee over $50.00 will be the responsibility of the individual service member. MFR Semper Fit will not provide any additional funds in excess of the $50.00 allocation.
• Registration/Enrollment/Initiation fees are the responsibility of the individual service member
• ASYMCA will negotiate the membership fees with the private fitness provider
• Memberships will be authorized in 6-month increments contingent upon Usage Requirement (min of 8 Individual Calendar Days per Month)
• Approval letter and AD/AR military ID required for fitness facility memberships


YMCA Membership Requests:
1. Review the IDP Guidance for your particular situation.

2. Submit a completed MARFORRES IDP Request, have your CO sign it, and email it to the MARFORRES POC for final approval.

3. Once approved by the MARFORRES POC, the unit will receive a complete copy of the signed request. They will then take that to the selected YMCA to have their membership finalized. Each person on the roster will need to bring a completed Eligibility Form to the YMCA as well for processing of the membership.

*If the YMCA is participating, then Family members should have complimentary access to the facility and will count as an aggregate total toward the usage requirement.

Private Fitness Facility Requests:
1. Follow same procedures as YMCA above; however, you must include a paragraph justifying why a local YMCA is either unavailable, inadequate, or otherwise not up to standard. This will be authorized on a case by case basis only and will not be the standard.

- Make sure that the gym and roster for single service members is separated from those seeking YMCA memberships
- If the gym is different for single and YMCA, then the single service members must choose one (1) gym to go to. There will be no individual gyms contracted.
- If the gym is the same, then only list that gym once.

* Family members are NOT eligible under this option.

2. Along with the completed MARFORRES IDP Request form, submit a Gym Membership Request form. Make certain that Gym POCs and their contact info are included for each gym and that the gyms are listed in order of preference.

3. The ASYMCA POC will contact the gyms in order of preference listed on the Gym Membership Request form. If the Preferred Gym is not willing to participate in the program, then the next gym will be contacted for negotiations and so on. Each service member will need to attend the Fitness Center a minimum of 8 times per month.

Usage Requirement:
Each membership must log a minimum of 8 Individual Calendar Days per month! If the total number of monthly visits for any particular membership does not equal 8 Individual Calendar Days Per Month, then that particular membership will not be renewed at the 6-month mark.

A visit is defined as:
Participant on the Military Outreach Initiative comes into the YMCA scans their card for that day's workout. That is 1 visit for that calendar day. Multiple swipes by that participant or family members does not constitute multiple visits in 1 day. For attendance purpose all visits in 1 day are counted only once.


MFR Semper Fit CANNOT reinstate these memberships since it is not our program or paid by us AND the unit will not be able to submit for payment of gym memberships for those that did not meet this requirement. Again, the Marine or their family will NOT be eligible for any gym membership if they are denied access to this program for non-compliance.

Travel policy

The A.W.A.Y. program (Always Welcome at YMCAs) is based on the philosophy that when a person enrolls in a YMCA, he or she becomes a member of a nationwide association, and, therefore, when away from home, on business or vacation, will be warmly welcomed by all other participating YMCAs in the United States. A YMCA's participation in the A.W.A.Y. program is voluntary, and some restrictions may apply.

To find information on any YMCA in the United States, go to, and conduct a "Find Your YMCA" search. YMCAs participating in the A.W.A.Y. program are noted.

Travel Log: (YMCA)
In the event you are sent TAD/TDY due to Military Assignments, use the “Fitness Log for TDY/TAD Travels” link above to record your visits at a YMCA that is participating in the DoD Military Outreach Program. You must attach a copy of orders showing the TAD / TDY dates. It is your responsibility to present this completed log upon your return to your home YMCA location for your visits to be applied toward the minimum monthly 8 visits, as required by the DoD Military Outreach Program.

This Fitness Log must have the visiting YMCA's stamp by the proper date in order for the visit to be counted toward your attendance at your home branch. Your home YMCA will retain this Fitness Log and TAD/TDY Orders for your file, so they can submit at renewal time.

If this log is not completed then these visits will not be recorded at your home YMCA location, and the service member risks having his/her membership cancelled at the 6-month renewal period.

Travel Log: (Private Fitness Facility)
Although the usage requirements are the same, Private Fitness Facility memberships are not eligible to use this Fitness Log for recording TAD/TDY travel visits. The service member must log the required number of visits at the Host Gym identified in the IDP. The service member is encouraged to notify their gym and see if there is a sister gym them could use or have the Host Gym block those dates on the membership (most gyms do). The ASYMCA POC will require documentation of the TAD/TDY dates upon renewal time.

Renewal Process:
In order to have your membership renewed to your club you need to email/ scan/ fax the following information to the ASYMCA POC listed below 30 days prior to the expiration. If the POC does not receive this information within that timeframe, then your unit’s membership will not be renewed for an additional 6 months.

1) Your attendance record showing a minimum of 8 visits per month (this is the minimum guidelines from the DoD Contract). This information needs to be sent to you from the gym for verification of usage. This attendance must be on Gym letterhead and signed by the membership services manager or coordinator.

2) A copy of the already approved IDP letter that was issued for your unit to get gym memberships (this will be attached to your attendance record for the required verification of your renewal request). Again, if the aggregate total of the membership is not the minimum of 8 times per month, then neither MFR Semper Fit or ASYMCA will renew that person’s membership.


(YMCA requests)
Ms. Angelique Davis at  

(Private Fitness Facility requests)
Ms. Hilda Layne at
7405 Alban Station Ct. 
Suite B215 
Springfield, Va 22150
Comm: 703 455 8936 x107 
Fax: 703 455 2161


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