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Semper Fit


Each company/unit shall assign, in writing, a Company/unit level Semper Fit Officer (SFO), who is a Staff Non-commissioned Officer or higher with a minimum of 1 year on station, to act as a liaison with MARFORRES Semper Fit to coordinate program support and awareness of capabilities.

Semper Fit Officer (SFO) Responsibilities

SFO Appointment Letter

SFO Unit Contact List

Specific instructions and request templates for each program that falls under Semper Fit can be found by accessing that program with the links to the right. All requests must include the following:

Accountable Equipment Template 

 Intramural Recreational Services Template

• Requests must be on unit letterhead, signed by the unit’s CO/OIC/By Dir, and include justification for the request

• Requests must include written vendor quotes (on vendor letterhead), be tax exempt, and not require third party billing (PayPal, phone fees, Ticketmaster, etc.).  If the vendor has a mobile/smartphone credit card processing capability/application the charge processed must be directly linked/deposited to the vendor’s business account, deposits to personal accounts will not be accepted.  Vendor requested must also be able to accept credit cards over the phone for payment (no checks will be cut for any request), so the unit must provide a specific vendor POC, per the request form.  Online “Shopping Carts” or webpage screenshots are NOT acceptable source documents and shall not be used as vendor quotes.

• If request total falls under GCPC limits, confirm vendor accepts GCPC. GCPC limit for “Services” is $2,500.00, and “Supplies” is $3,000.00. Any request above either amount must be coordinated with the
MFR Semper Fit Director (SFD), as this will require a contract request

• A minimum of 10 business days, prior to any payment deadline/registration, is required for any “Service” related request (i.e. leagues, outings, etc.)

• Once completed per the guidance above, requests should be scanned and emailed to the
SFD and Semper Fit Coordinator (SFC).   Requests will not be reviewed if a copy of the SFO Appointment Letter (signed/scanned version) has not been identified in writing and the SFO Unit Contact List (Excel spreadsheet format) has not been submitted to the SFD.

• Do not include SMCR, ADOS, CTRs or CIVs in the unit T/O section of each request template; they  are not eligible to receive funding.  Funding only available to active duty and/or active reserve.

• All requests must be submitted NLT 1 Aug (regardless) in order to provide 10 day notice before FY closeout (15 Aug) – this occurs each year, so the unit must coordinate/plan all requests to meet this deadline.  GCPC shut off is always mid-August.

• All requests are Subject to Availability of Funds.


• Tenant units stationed on an installation with an existing MWR program must utilize the services/programs and funding of that program, and are not eligible to receive additional MFR Semper Fit funds (Exceptions:  MFR Semper Fit hosted trainings and conferences; others determined by SFD).

Click Here  for DODI to support your Host Branch MWR request for “Unit Allocation Funds”


REQUESTS MFR SEMPER FIT CANNOT FUND (include but not limited to): 

• Food, beverage, and lodging not associated with Semper Fit hosted courses and conferences that require official TAD orders

• Transportation (SMP only exception)

• Anything that can be found thru the regular supply chain

• Items that fall under G-3/Training (i.e. Anything MCMAP, Swim Qual, BCP-MAP, etc.)

• Anything that gives a credential that can be used in a professional capacity outside of the Marine Corps (i.e. personal training or fitness certifications); inquire with Tuition Assistance

• Any events that contribute to a fundraising activity or have a cash prize for participants

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