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Semper Fit
Semper Fit Recreation

Recreation programs play a strategic role in the Semper Fit Program objectives to encourage healthy lifestyles which result in increased productivity, reduced medical costs, greater operational readiness, and improve the overall QOL for Marines and Sailors attached to MARFORRES units.

These recreational services and programs are authorized for units that are not located on a base or site, Marine-owned or otherwise, that has these services existing via onsite MWR program.

Rec Equipment:
In order to consistently promote healthy lifestyles and activities, MFR units can request recreational equipment.  This equipment can be used to support a unit’s league/tournament participation (see “Leagues/ Sports events” tab) or for general PT.  Some items that may be requested are as follows, but are not limited to:

  •Sports: flag footballs sets, softball gear, basketball goals, volleyballs, tennis or racquetball, mountain bikes, horseshoe sets, croquet sets, etc.
  • Boating: canoes/kayaks, paddles, life preservers, etc.
  • Camping: heater, cooler, utensils, etc.
  • Hunting & Fishing: bow/arrows, rod/reel, tackle box, etc.

Rec equipment that requires a state or federal registration, license or insurance are not authorized, regardless if on the unit’s existing MCCS CMR. 

Click here for the Recreational Equipment Purchase request template.

Rec Outings: Recreation photo
Outdoor Recreation activities may include the following but are not limited to: cycling, camping, fishing, skiing, mountaineering, boating, hiking, archery, and other activities that support the Semper Fit Program by promoting readiness, fitness, and a healthy QOL for Marines and Sailors.

The following guidelines apply to unit recreational outings:


• Units rate one (1) recreational outing per quarter (pending funds available)
  • All requests require a minimum 10 business day notice prior to the event/registration deadline
  • Event must be opened to all AD/AR Marines and Sailors attached to unit’s T/O
  • Unit roster attached with rank, name, last 4 of SSN

The following are some activities that are NOT authorized for Rec outings:

  • Transportation, lodging or food and beverage
  • No High Risk or High Speed activities are authorized: Bungee Jumping, Parachuting or Sky Diving, Parasailing, Hot-Air Balloons, Aerobatics (including wing walking, etc.), Mechanical Bulls, Velcro Fly Traps or similar Velcro apparatus
  • Scuba
  • “White water” rafting (river class 4-6)
  • Others will be determined by SFD after researching

Click here for the Unit Recreational Outing request template.

Rec Rooms:

Recreation Rooms are geared toward providing a variety of activities to Marines and Sailors and should offer a common area to conduct some recreational activities. This area will also serve as monthly meeting space for any established Single Marine Program (SMP) Council.

At a minimum, Recreation Rooms shall have a large screen television (no more than 42”), DVD player, game station (X-Box, PS, or Wii). Large table games such as pool tables, foosball, ping-pong, etc. are also authorized.

Tenant/Co-located units:
• The space must be dedicated to Marines sole use! If the space is used jointly, with Host Branch, they must fund or provide documentation (written on their letterhead) denying the funds and that Marines have priority access and management of space and all items within

Click here for the Rec Room guidance.

Click here
for the Rec Room request template.

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