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Steps to Create a SMP and Executive Council
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The Single Marine Program (SMP) was established to provide a forum for Marines to identify quality of life issues, ideas, and to recommend solutions to the Command. Through participation in the planning and coordination of programs and activities, Marines have a direct influence in its execution and the impact that the SMP has.

Single Marines stationed at MFR Independent Duty Stations (I&Is) have different needs and concerns than those single Marines stationed on major installations.  There are also adjustments that are required for single Marines who PCS from a major installation, that has existing SMP programs and resources, to an I&I.  


Within the I&I community, being co-located with another branch of service can also pose various challenges; especially, when the unit is forced (per DODI 1015.10) to utilize the host branch’s services first.

The three pillars of the SMP are:

Quality of Life (QOL):
     -       Activities and events are as varied as the single Marines the program serves, because it belongs to the Marines.

Community Involvement:
     -       Single Marines contribute tens of thousands of community service hours each year. They participate in Habitat for Humanity, Toys for Tots, Adopt a School, beach cleanups, trips to Veterans Homes and many others. Many other local organizations and causes benefit from the time and service contributed by Marines who want to make a difference in their community.

     -       Past activities throughout the Marine Corps include paintball excursions, deep sea fishing trips, "PMEs" to Washington, DC, etc.

Activities typically fall under one of those program components.  See the link below for guidance.


With the support and guidance from their Senior Enlisted Advisor (SEA), the establishment of a Bn/Squadron level SMP Council can assist Marines in addressing the three pillars of the SMP.  After all, change starts from the bottom up.  Regardless of the unit being co-located or not, an established SMP Council can provide a “voice of the Marines” to any host branch single service member program (Navy Liberty, Army BOSS, etc.).  Please review the links at the top of the page for guidance on standing up your SMP Council.

Motivated single Marines, an established SMP Council, a supportive Command, and the MFR MCCS staff provide the foundation for a successful program - what's missing is you!

Make a difference!  Get involved!  Contact MFR SMP for guidance.

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