U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve


U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve

Augment. Support. Reinforce.

2000 Opelousas Ave., New Orleans, LA. 70114
Welcome to the Deployment Processing Command / Reserve Support Unit - East (DPC/RSU - East).
Reporting Requirements 
    Report to Building 313 on H Street.  Arriving at after hours check in with the duty by calling (910) 526-7946

Things You Need For Processing

• Orders
• SMCR Marines are required to bring endorsed orders
• Administrative Records (SRB) (if available)
• Medical / Dental Records (if available) and any civilian medical documents.
• ID Card (if available)
• Uniforms
• Dog Tags (if available)
• Marriage Certificate / Divorce Decree / Birth Certificates of any dependants (if applicable)
• Any other dependent documentation (if applicable)
• Lease or mortgage agreement
• Information for a will, power of attorney, civilian reemployment, or any other legal matters

Training Schedule

    Week 1 - Admin/Medical

    The first week will be your admin week.  There will be multiple different types of class that will be given during this time.  If you have any kind of medical issues that need to be addressed now is the time to bring them up. There will be a gear issue this week as well.  No matter what gear you currently bring, you will be issued a whole new set.  See Supply's page for further detail.

    Week 2 - Training

    By this time S-3 IA Training cell will be aware of what training each Marine requires.  Depending on where the Marine is heading, the training will vary.  Basic training requirements consists of but not limited to:
                PFT/CFT (Seasonal)
                Table 3-6
                Combat Pistol Program
                Swim Qualification 

    Week 3 - Rifle Range 

    Rifle Range will only be conducted for those that require it.  It will be a week long Range consisting of Table 1 & 2.  Rifle turn in will be on the Friday prior to the range.  If you have completed a rifle range since last year this will not apply to you.  For more information concerning Pre-deployment Training and Dates (Click Here).  Any questions can be directed to the IA Training cell at 910-451-0553.

Current Travel Issues
    • Be prepared to travel with a minimum of $75 for incidentals. It is possible you will be required to take a taxi from the airport. If you anticipate needing advanced pay, please contact the Personnel Chief (910-450-9129).

    • In certain cases, due to airline weight restrictions, your gear may not arrive at the airport with you. In such cases, it will be shipped through another airport and delivered to you. It is highly recommended that everyone bring a carry-on containing one uniform set.

Services Provided By Outside Agencies

Base Legal 

    - Base Staff Judge Advocates Office (SJA): (910) 451-9731
    - Wills
    - Legal Assistance
    - Power of Attorney
    - Service members’ Civil Relief Act (SCRA) matters
    - Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Right Act matters

ID Card Center - (910) 451-2727 (Located in Bldg 60)

    - DEERS Enrollment
    - ID Card issue


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