Deployment Processing Cmd  Reserve Support Unit-East


Deployment Processing Cmd Reserve Support Unit-East

Force Headquarters Group

U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve
Medical Department & Navy Mobilization Processing Site

Our core functions are:

    1. The primary mission of NMPS is to mobilize and demobilize Navy Reservists
    from Program 5 & 9 in support of USMC units and Navy ADSW.
    2. To support Medical & Dental processing
    3. To process Administrative joins / drops
    4. To provide Travel Itinerary support
    5. To act as the Personnel Support Detachment Liaison

For any questions concerning the Navy Mobilization Processing Site, please contact

                                        NMPS Points of Contact (DSN Prefix is 750/751)

                                        Director (910) 450-9127 
                                        Navy Senior Enlisted (910) 450-5425
                                        Administration (910) 450-9306 / 9137 / 9139 
                                        Medical Officer (910) 450-9140 / 9148 
                                        Medical Department (910) 450-9140

NMPS Camp Lejeune normal mobilization processing hours are Monday-Friday, 0800-1100 and 1300-1630. NMPS Camp Lejeune observes all Federal holidays and when mission permits, normal liberty on Saturday and Sunday.


1. Your original Medical/Dental Records (no copies). If you do not have your records and the DPC Medical Staff cannot electronically verify your medical history, you will be required to take a full physical and a Dental T-2 exam.

2. For enlisted, your original Service Record; for Officers a copy of your page 2.

3. Your bank account and routing information..

4. Verify that your NOSC has generated an NSIPS loss from the Reserves. If this is not done, you cannot be gained to Active Duty and there will be a delay in reporting to your Ultimate Activity. Also, please verify that your NOSC has pre-filled the OPINS application through the Master military Pay Account (MMPA) system in order to expedite the processing gain through NMPS.

5. Be sure you have your GTCC activated. To receive advance pay, you must have an open active duty pay account. It can take anywhere from 5 to 15 days before advance pay is deposited in your account.


Unless your orders state that you are authorized a rental car, you are not authorized a rental car and you will not be reimbursed if you choose to do so.

Transportation is a reimbursable expense as indicated in your orders. Members are to utilize taxi services from Albert Ellis airport to get to NMPS Camp Lejeune and billeting. Cabs will accept Government travel cards and are reimbursable on your travel claim. The average cost of transportation is approximately $75 to Building HP 309.


The phone number to the DPC-E OOD is (910) 526-7946. After hours, incoming personnel are required to check in with the OOD and verify that the OOD logs your name, date and time of reporting into the duty log. Officers not staying in HP 309 may call and check in with the OOD. For those personnel staying in HP 309, the OOD will provide you with linen.


Uniforms are required while processing at NMPS Camp Lejeune. Flight suits and/or Green Flight Jackets are not authorized.


Berthing accommodations  are provided at the DPC-E/ NMPS Camp Lejeune Building HP-309 onboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.  Call the NMPS

Administrative Office (910) 450-9306/9137/9139, Monday-Friday 0730-1630 and DPC/RSU-E Duty Cell after hours and weekends at (910) 526-7946.  Linens will be provided by DPC/RSU-East Duty Officer.


All Sailors reporting to NMPS Camp Lejeune need to bring toiletry items with them as they are not provided at HP 309. Because the barracks has only one common area on the second deck, male personnel going to and from the showers are required to wear PT gear and footwear at all times.


1. My orders read “No POV authorized” can I drive to NMPS? No, regardless of the location of your Ultimate Activity, POV is not authorized because of your assignment. The NMPS will not request order modifications to authorize POV.

2. If POV is not authorized can I have a rental car at government expense? No. However, there are exceptions at the discretion of the LACMOB (DPC Commanding Officer). The NMPS is centrally located on the main side of Camp Lejeune. Exchange, messing, entertainment and religious/family support are all within a short walking distance from HP 309. Because of this, rental cars are not normally authorized as they are not a necessity for a member to perform their duties. For personnel on ADSW, POV can be utilized IAW the JFTR. Please note, per NPC (PERS-4G) neither the LACMOB nor NOSC CO can authorize a Sailor to rent a car to travel from the NOSC to NMPS Camp Lejeune. This is not in accordance with your written orders and is not a reimbursable expense. Rental cars are only authorized if approval is written in the orders and only after authorization has been obtained at NMPS Camp Lejeune.

3. If I am on ADSW why am I coming to Camp Lejeune? NMPS Camp Lejeune is the Navy East Coast processing site for ADSW orders. We provide force leveling support to NMPS Norfolk; we have sufficient government berthing available and a large medical staff capable of screening the additional Sailors reporting on ADSW orders. And yes, overall, this is cost effective for the Navy.

4. How long will I be at NMPS Camp Lejeune? Per OPNAVINST 3060.7B, the average processing time for ADSW, mobilizations, and demobilizations can average up to 14 days. This allots time for manpower gain to active duty before reporting to the ultimate gaining command. This also allots time to establish an active duty pay account. For demobilization, the time on station varies with medical requirements, personal needs and the number of personnel processing.


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