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Reserve Obligation and Opportunities Brief

The Steps to Reenlist in the IRR and IMA

Below is a list to assist you in the retention process; the goal is to give you as much information possible to aide and assist you with your intent to be retained. Although this list is not everything a Career Planner looks at, this list meets the preponderance of necessary prerequisites.

1) To submit a reenlistment or extension request please log on to MOL

2) Next to your Personal Info tab select MyEPAR.  Please refer to the How To Create an EPARPowerPoint if you are unfamiliar with the process.  

3) In the Subject drop down select Career ensure you fill a phone number and email address you can be contacted at.


Fill out the Statement of Understanding for the component you belong to, this depicts the timelines the MCIRSA Career Planners use as internal policy for paperwork processing.  The example retention package is used to guide you in properly filling out a reenlistment or extension request. The blank retention package needs to be filled out in accordance with the example given. 

Please utilize the appropriate documents for the component you are in, eg: an IRR Marine uses the IRR example/blank package and an IMA Marine uses the IMA example/blank package 

IRR Example Retention Package

IRR Blank Retention Package

IMA Example Retention Package

IMA Blank Retention Package

How To Create an EPAR

  • IRR SOU  
    IMA SOU   
  • 360 Degree Photo in PT Gear for Military Appearance and Tattoo Screening Purposes MCIRSA TATTOO SCREENING
  • Passing PFT within the correct semi-annual period (Jan-Jun) or within 1 year ****Only required for IMA Marines
  • Passing CFT within the correct semi-annual period (Jul-Dec) or within 1 year  ****Only required for IMA Marines    
  • Ensure your Career Retirement Credit Record (CRCR) is certified via MOL/within 12 months of the day a reenlistment request is submitted to MCIRSA
    Marine OnLine   
  • Ensure you have a certified annual Personal Health Assessment (PHA) or Physical: 
  • Attain a copy of your Security Clearance level via JPAS or Security Manager ****Only required for IMA Marines
  • Ensure you do not have any fitness report date gaps.  ****This website is CAC-Enabled****
    Fitness Report Date Gap Verification Site    
  • All information will be sent VIA MOL in EPAR in accordance with MARADMIN 313/13

How to Obtain a Satisfactory Year in the IRR

Many Marines upon entry to the IRR Program do not understand the ‘full scoop’ on what is required of them during this time.  Therefore, it is not uncommon that members within the IRR do not understand what is considered satisfactory participation or how to obtain a “Sat Year.”

Simply Put: In order to earn a satisfactory year towards retirement as an IRR, SMCR, or IMA member you must earn 50 CRCR points per anniversary year while taking into consideration a member earns 15 point just for keeping info up to date on MOL thus leaving 35 remaining points.

What are CRCR points?

Your Career Retirement Credit Report points essentially are a means of measuring your participation while in the reserves. Participation equates to one CRCR point per day of active duty, or one CRCR point per drill period. One Drill = 4 hours of SMCR duty; Max 2 Drills per Day.

In addition a member of the Marine Reserves may earn CRCR points through Marine Net Courses. The point value per course is determined by the amount of study hours listing in the course syllabus.  

Point producing Marine Net courses

Examples of How to Obtain Points

Requesting Orders

In addition, as an IRR member you may request Reserve Counterpart Training for up to 28 days (RCT orders). You may request RCT orders by contacting a local Reserve unit as well as submitting an ePAR via MOL. Members may earn CRCR points by serving on funeral details at a local SMCR as a “courtesy participant”, just ensure that a muster sheet is completed and verified and gained permission prior from the unit. Last, a member may request to be issued “Associate Duty Orders,” for non-pay participation, that enables a member to receive a dental check up and PHA.  It is also possible for a SMCR unit to approve orders for a Marine if they have a special skill or Training MOS that is critical to the unit’s mission on a temporary basis. (i.e.- Giving orders to a MCMAP or MCIWS Instructor to train Marines for a drill period)

Another type of orders available for IRR Marines are called ADOS, or Active Duty Operational Support.  These are similar to Associate Duty Orders in that the Marine will be working for the unit, but in this case they can go for up to one whole year of active time.  The purpose of ADOS is to fill a critical manpower shortfall at a unit, generally in an administrative or clerical billet.  These orders will also be requested through the unit the Marine will be serving with.


IRR Musters are the first line in earning CRCR points to inform and support members during the initial transition phase from active duty to Civilian life.

For any other questions or concerns regarding earning participation points, your best point of contact is the Customer Service Center at 800-255-5082 or MFR_CSC@usmc.mil.  You can also request information and orders by submitting an ePAR through your MOL Portal Homepage (insert link) by using the ePAR link at the top.

Questions about Reserve Retirement

In 2016 the National Defense Authorization Act created the Blended Retirement System.  Members are encouraged to educate themselves on the options being afforded.
Click here for more information.

To Request Retirement from the IRR or IMA, please submit an EPAR via MOL.


"The mission of MIRSO's Retirement section is to effectively assist Marines in the retirement request process helping to ensure a smooth transfer to the Fleet Marine Corps Reserve, while maintaining a positive attitude of genuine interest and concern for 'taking care of our own.' "

FAQ #1 - Why must I submit a retirement/FMCR transfer request  no earlier than 14 months or no later than 5 months out?

Answer - MCTFS is programmed to reject retirement/FMCR transfer requests outside the 5-14 month window.  Requests outside the window should be submitted via separate correspondence (i.e. AA form, letter, or MSG) with justification for the request.  MSGs are usually received the next day.

FAQ #2 - What do I need to do to get a waiver of a service requirement and what are my chances of getting one approved?

Answer - In order to have certain service requirements waived, you must submit your request to us via AA form, letter, or Naval Message (Unit Diary entry is not an option).  Be sure to include justification.  Endorsements are required for letters and AA forms. Once the request is received, the waiver is then routed through the proper channels. Approval of the waiver is based on the needs of the Marine Corps.

Retirement Forms and FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Reserve Retirement in the IRR 

Retirement Request w/ LESS than (5) months left  (till requested Retirement Date)

Retirement Request w/ MORE than (5) months left  (till requested Retirement Date)

Retirement request 2016

Important Retirement Contact Info -

Personnel Management Division

Separations & Retirement (MMSR-2)

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Phone: (703) 784-9324/25/26

DSN: 278-9324/25/26

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