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Sergeant Major, 2nd Civil Affairs Group Sergeant Major Frederick J. Ott III

Sergeant Major Ott is a native of Sumter, SC. He graduated from Groton High School in Groton, New York in 1992.  SgtMaj Ott enlisted in the Marine Corps in September of 1991 and shipped to Paris Island, SC on July 14, 1992.  PFC Ott was sent to MCT in August 1992, in North Carolina.  Once MCT was completed, PFC Ott was sent on recruiter assistance duty until his MOS school picked up.  LCpl Ott attended MOS school at NAS Meridian, Mississippi in January 1993.  LCpl Ott earned the MOS 7041 (Aviation Operations Specialist) and was shipped to Cherry Point, North Carolina where he served as an Aviation Operations Specialist with VMAQ-3. 

LCpl Ott took place in a WESTPAC in Iwakuni, Japan starting in March 1993.  LCpl Ott was attached to MAG-12 as the Commanding Officers Driver.  Once that duty was completed, LCpl Ott continued his duty with VMAQ-3 as an Operations Specialist.  LCpl Ott returned to Cherry Point, NC in August 1993. 

In October of 1994, Cpl Ott was attached to the USS America with VMAQ-3 as an Operations Specialist.  During the Mediterranean Cruise Cpl Ott participated in NATO operations in the Adriatic Sea.  Sgt Ott was the acting Operations and Admin Chief of a two plane detachment in Aviano, Italy.  Sgt Ott received a Navy / Marine Crops Achievement Medal for superior job performance during the detachment.  Sgt Ott transferred to the IRR in July of 1996.

In August 1996, Sgt Ott became a SMCR Marine attached to VMGR-452 as an Aviation Operations Specialist.  In June of 1999, Sgt Ott participated in Operations Northern Watch as the Operations Chief in Incirlik, Turkey. 

On January 2002, Sgt Ott was activated with VMGR-452 Det A for support of Operation Enduring Freedom.  Det A provided direct tanker and cargo support for the MUE during Operation Enduring Freedom.  SSgt Ott was released from active duty and continued SMCR support for VMGR-452 starting in September of 2003. 

In June 2005, SSgt Ott attended SNCOA Quantico, VA for the Career Course.  SSgt Ott became VMGR-452 Squadron Gunnery Sergeant in December 2005. SSgt Ott was promoted to GySgt on September of 2006.  GySgt Ott attended SNCOA Quantico, VA for the Advance Career Course in July 2008.  GySgt Ott continued his duties as VMGR-452’s Squadron Gunnery Sergeant until his promotion to First Sergeant on 1 May 2010. 

In May 2010, First Sergeant Ott became the Company First Sergeant for Alpha Company, Anti-Terrorism Battalion as the Company 1stSgt.  1stSgt Ott participated in operation Agile Spirit in the Republic of Georgia for annual training 2011.  First Sergeant Ott was attached to Charlie Company, 1/25 in Buffalo, NY as the Company First Sergeant in June 2013.  1stSgt Ott participated in an Integrated Training Exercise in Twentynine Palms, CA in June 2014 and participated in OCONUS African Lion 15 for Annual Training in May 2015.

In June 2015, Sergeant Major Ott became the Battalion Sergeant Major for 1st Battalion, 25th Marines at Fort Devens, Massachusetts.  SgtMaj Ott participated in exercise Nordic Frost in Januaray of 2016 at Ethan Allen, Vermont.  SgtMaj Ott also participated in exercise Northern Strike in Michigan in the summer of 2017. 
Sergeant Major Ott is attached currently with 2D CAG in Washington DC as the Group  Sergeant Major. 
SgtMaj Ott also coaches Varsity Football, Varsity Wrestling and Varsity Golf.