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MARFORRES NCOs lead Tulane NROTC midshipmen during morning PT

By Lance Cpl. Niles Lee | Marine Corps Forces Reserves | September 21, 2017


The peace and quiet of a dark and humid Wednesday morning at Tulane University in New Orleans was suddenly interrupted by shouts of “aye aye, sergeant!” and “aye aye, corporal!” from Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps midshipmen as they ran to pick up main packs, ammo cans and water jugs.

Non-commissioned officers from Headquarters Battalion, Marine Forces Reserve, led a morning physical training exercise for NROTC midshipmen at Tulane University, Sept. 20, 2017.

The Marines provided a tough and realistic physical training exercise for the Tulane midshipmen, bringing authentic military gear and their experiences, developed by years spent in the Marine Corps fleet, to the morning workout.

“The training that these NCOs bring here is something that I can’t duplicate.” said Master Sgt. Bryan Smith, the assistant Marine officer instructor for Tulane University. “These sergeants and corporals bring a dynamic of small unit leadership, pressure and stress for my midshipmen.”

During the exercise, Marines led squads of midshipmen. They carried gear to planned locations, where they performed a variety of workouts focusing on cardio and endurance. The workout ended with a relay race between the midshipmen to build unit cohesion and competition between squads.

“We want to give them a tough and realistic exercise in order to make them test themselves,” said Sgt. Joshua Derrick, a training and operations non-commissioned officer with HQBN, MARFORRES. “We made the workout more challenging by incorporating gear, which is more realistic, because in combat you’re always going to have gear on you.”

NROTC’s purpose is to educate and train men and women for service as commissioned officers in the Navy or Marine Corps by preparing them for Officer Candidate School and, then, The Basic School for Marines.

“These midshipmen today are going to be our future leaders,” said Sgt. Jose Gomez, an administrative specialist with installation personnel administration center, HQBN, MARFORRES. “We want to train them hard now so they’ll have an easier future and be better officers in the fleet.”

With midshipmen just starting the school year and getting ready for OCS and TBS, Marines with MARFORRES are ready and willing to help train them for their future careers.


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