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Face of the Force: Sgt. Riordan Anunciacion

By Cpl. Alexis Rocha | Marine Corps Forces Reserves | June 28, 2018

Sgt. Riordan T. Anunciacion, an intelligence specialist with Headquarters Company, 23rd Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division, won the 23rd Marines Noncommissioned Officer of the Quarter award on April 5, 2018.

Anunciacion, who was born in the Philippines but moved to San Francisco, California, when he was two years old, joined the Marine Corps in 2012. He was first stationed in Camp Pendleton, before joining 23rd Marines, a Reserve unit headquartered in San Bruno. Anunciacion is the only active duty staff member in the regimental intelligence section at his unit, where he serves as Inspector- Instructor Duty staff.

“Being at a Reserve unit can be challenging, especially since I’m the only active duty Marine in my section,” said Anunciacion. “But, it is extremely rewarding when all the pieces come together.”

Although Anunciacion has only been with 23rd Marines since 2017, he has contributed significantly to his unit. He single-handedly undertook the Marine Forces Reserve Intelligence Oversight inspection, which is a functional area inspection used to ensure a unit’s readiness, and achieved a concrete mission capable rating. He was also instrumental in assisting the regimental security manager in the Information and Personnel Security Program, another functional area that gets inspected, which was found mission capable with zero discrepancies. Additionally, Anunciacion is the regimental Unmanned Aircraft System manager, the schools NCO, the command physical training representative, the Body Composition and Military Appearance program manager, and an Indoor Marksmanship Simulator trainer.

“I joined the Marine Corps to find purpose and direction in my life,” said Anunciacion. “And to be able to travel and challenge myself.”

Even outside of his usual Marine Corps duties, Anunciacion devotes his time to serving others. He devotes much of his personal time to developing and mentoring youth through local sports programs, and he assists the Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Course in conducting inspections and providing mentorship to prospective military recruits. Additionally, he is the 23rd Marine Regiment color sergeant, responsible for training, development, and management of Marines in the presentation of Marine Corps colors in formal ceremonies and events.

“My favorite thing about the Marine Corps is being able to inspire others, as well as being able to meet so many different people, from all different walks of life,” said Anunciacion.

Anunciacion is currently participating in Integrated Training Exercise 4-18 at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, California, with his unit. During his month-long stay aboard MCAGCC Twentynine Palms, he has been charged with training and supervising intelligence specialists throughout Marine Air Ground Task Force 23 units.

“ITX is a great way to expose the Reserve Marines here with realistic MAGTF planning and execution,” said Anunciacion.

Anunciacion, who plans on staying in the Marine Corps until retirement, has maintained a professional military appearance, the highest state of physical fitness, has continually sought out professional military education opportunities, and has given continual leadership to all of his Marines. For all these reasons, and more, Anunciacion received 23rd Marines NCO of the Quarter award.
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