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Marine awarded MARFORRES Marine of the Year

By Cpl. Jessica Ito | | April 10, 2013


The commander of Marine Forces Reserve and Marine Forces North, Lt. Gen. Steven A. Hummer, awarded Sgt. Adam K. Smith a Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal for his selection as the MARFORRES 2012 Marine of the Year (active component) at Marine Corps Support Facility New Orleans, April 8.

During 2012, Smith served as the MARFORRES G4 (logistics and services) repairable issue point chief. Whenever a Reserve unit has broken gear they cannot pay for, Smith is the Marine they call.

"Sgt. Smith constantly displays elevated levels of leadership and takes on increased responsibility,” said Capt. Aaron P. Baker, Smith’s officer in charge. “He established stability and integrity within multiple sections of the MARFORRES G4 and is truly the ‘go-to’ sergeant in the unit.”

Outside of work, Smith does many things that benefit his Marines and himself. He trains Marines in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, was the noncommissioned officer of the quarter during 3rd quarter and is the president of the NCO committee.

"I don't know how he does it,” said Lt. Col. Aaron R. Craig, the MARFORRES supply officer. “Martial arts instructor and black belt, president of the NCO committee, an accelerated bachelors program… Sgt. Smith sets the pace and the example for others to follow.  I am proud he is part of our team."

Smith believes doing those things sets the example for his junior Marines to follow, and by doing them, he hopes to inspire his Marines.  

“If you can’t inspire them to be better than themselves and to be like yourself, then that’s where I think you fail as a leader,” said Smith.

As far as his junior Marines are concerned, he is succeeding.

“He has definitely been a huge contributor to who I am today,” said Cpl. Lucy Concepcion, the RIP NCO. Concepcion said Smith took her under his wing when she checked into the RIP section- even going so far as to help her with physical training.

Smith believes his largest accomplishment of all has been coming back from receiving a ticket for driving under the influence. As a result of the DUI, in 2006 he was demoted to corporal. He was promoted once again to sergeant in 2008 and is now the MARFORRES Marine of the Year.

“To me, that shows that it’s never over,” he said. “It’s not about what you do, it’s about how you react to it. It’s about how you make it work for you in the end, and make you a better Marine.”

Smith has submitted his warrant officer package with high hopes of it being approved. If it is, he plans on staying in until he reaches the rank of chief warrant officer five or until he becomes eligible for the Limited Duty Officer Program where he hopes to achieve the rank of lieutenant colonel.

If his package is not approved, he plans on picking up the rank of staff sergeant and submitting his warrant officer package every year until he is no longer eligible.

“No matter what, I love the Marine Corps and will stay in as long as I can until they force me out or make me retire,” he said.

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