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Marine Forces North prepared for Immediate Response Authority for Hurricane Nate

October 8, 2017

Marine Forces North, led by Lt. Gen. Rex C. McMillian, is prepared to respond, if requested, to support civil authorities as part of the U.S. military’s disaster response for Hurricane Nate in support of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
Immediate Response Authority, as outlined in DoD Directive 3025.18, authorizes local commanders to take action to save lives, prevent human suffering, or mitigate great property damage in a situation of urgency.
The moment Hurricane Nate was forecast to approach the U.S. mainland, MARFORNORTH has been monitoring its development and if requested, is prepared to respond to local, state, and federal agencies in a coordinated response to support civil authorities and FEMA.  
“The needs of the people have always been our top priority and I am confident we will continue to bring together and rapidly employ all the capabilities we can provide to ensure the best and fastest response,” Lt. Gen. McMillian said.  “We stand ready to support the Gulf States impacted by Nate and our coordination with local agencies and FEMA has never been stronger.”

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