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The mission of the Marine Forces Reserve (MFR) Capabilities (G-8) Department is to define required current and future capabilities and capability requirements for the man, equip, train, readiness, resourcing, sourcing, and other force generation functions. The Assistant Chief of Staff (AC/S), G-8 serves as the principal adviser to Commander, Marine Forces Reserve (CMFR) on all combatant force and generation force capabilities and capability requirements in order that CMFR provides selected reserve units to augment and reinforce our active component, individual reserve Marines for active service, and base-level services, facilities, and support to generate selected reserve units and individual reserve Marines.




In accordance with the Commandant's Planning Guidance and CMFR's Strategic Plan, the G-8 will take all required actions to...

  • Increase/improve the MFR combatant force (combat, combat support, and combat service support) capabilities available to augment and reinforce the active component;

  • Increase/improve the MFR capability to provide reserve individuals for active service;

  • Increase/improve the MFR capability to generate combatant force capabilities to augment and reinforce the active component and reserve individual Marines for active service, increasing the use of shared base-level services;

  • Identify/improve processes utilized to define required capabilities and capability requirements;

  • Develop/utilize the most effective and efficient tools to define capability requirements to the required degree of specificity for downstream MFR processes (e.g., manning, equipping, training, and ensuring readiness);

  • Lead Program Objective Memorandum and Program Review Processes resulting in funding of priority needs; and,

  • Where possible, place Force capabilities in locations that will improve the connections of the Force with the Society it serves.

Contact Information
Assistant Chief of Staff G-8 504.697.7800
Deputy AC/S G-8 504.697.7801
Capabilities Branch
Capabilities Branch Head 504.697.7809
GCE Capabilities Action Officer 504.697.7808
ACE Capabilities Action Officer 504.697.7806
LCE Capabilities Action Officer 504.697.7807
CE Capabilities Action Officer 504.697.7805
Capabilities Chief 504.697.7804
Structure Analyst 504.697.7802
Equipment Analyst 504.697.7814
TFSMS Coordinator 504.697.7817

Programs Branch

Programs Branch Head 504.697.7803

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