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Enlisted Career Force Controls

Enlisted Career Force Controls (ECFC)


Service limitations in the Marine Corps Reserve (MCR) are based on two criteria which establish Enlisted Career Force Controls (ECFC) on military service correlating with expected career progression: qualifying service and total federal service.


1.  A qualifying year (Satisfactory year (SAT)) of federal service is when a Reserve Marine is credited with a minimum of 50 Reserve Retirement points during an anniversary year.  This will be referenced via a members’ Marine Online (MOL) account under Career Retirement Credit Report (CRCR).

2. Total federal service is defined as the sum of all periods of time during which the Reserve Marine is a member of the Armed Forces.

3. The following depicts MCR service limitations by grade at the time of reenlistment:

Grade                                                      Limit of Service

Cpl                                                           8 years of qualifying service

Sgt                                                         13 years of qualifying service

SSgt                                                       20 years of qualifying service

GySgt                                                     22 years of qualifying service

1stSgt/MSgt                                           27 years of qualifying service

SgtMaj/MGySgt                                     30 years of total federal service



Ready Reserve – MCO 1040R.31 Marine Corps Reserve Enlisted Retention and Career Development Program

Active Reserve – FY22 Active Reserve Enlisted Career Force Controls Program

MARADMIN 013/22 – Marine Corps Ready Reserve Enlisted Career Force Controls Program

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