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U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve


U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve

Augment. Support. Reinforce.

2000 Opelousas Ave., New Orleans, LA 70114
G-6 Communications


Enterprise Service Desk 1-855-ESD-USMC 
A C/S G-6 (504) 697-7600
Deputy A C/S G-6 (504) 697-7601
Comm Chief (504) 697-7602
R&R OIC (504) 697-7641
Operations Officer (504) 697-9681
G-6 Plans Officer (504) 697-8600
RNOSC OIC (504) 697-9696
MITSC Director (504) 697-7647
Secuirty EKMS (504) 697-8658
System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) Info

Access to the Marine Forces Reserve portal may be obtained by submitting the follow via your ISC:

Blank SAAR (DD2875)

Blank SAAR Addendum

SAAR Instructions (informational)

Most common SAAR mistakes:

1. No I.A. certificate attached or outdated I.A. certificate. The IA certificate must be dated w/in this calendar year.

2. No addendum pages attached or addendum pages not signed.

3. Box 16 not checked.

4. Information deleted or altered in Box 27

5. Combining requests for NIPR, SIPR, and/or AMHS access. These need to be requested on separate SAARs.

6. SAAR submitted with an unauthorized Security Manager's signature. Authorized Security Managers are posted on SharePoint.

7. Contractor signing as a Supervisor. Contractors are not hired as an individual. The Contracting company hires the person, the Marine Corps pays the contract.

8. Official email address must be .mil not .com or anything else.


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