Marine Corps Support Facility New Orleans


Marine Corps Support Facility New Orleans

Toujours Fidèle

2000 Opelousas Ave, New Orleans, LA 70114
COVID 19 Updates

Marine Corps Support Facility New Orleans has implemented HPCON “C”+.  By order of the Commanding Officer, the following additional protection measures for the facility are being implemented on the dates/times indicated:

-          Effective 0500 on Thursday, 26 March, pedestrian access points to MARCORSPTFAC will be reduced.  Personnel parking off the facility will utilize the north turnstile (closest to the parking garage) to enter and exit.  All personnel will enter Building 1 through the north and south (“main”) entrances at the center of the building, or the southwest entrance closest to parking lot “A.”  All remaining pedestrian entrances to the facility and Building 1 will be secured until further notice.

-          The snack shop will be closed COB on Thursday, 26 March 20 until further notice.

-          The barber shop will be closed immediately until further notice.

-          Due to significantly less people working in the facility on a daily basis and to allow the janitorial staff to focus cleaning/sanitation on high-traffic areas, several restrooms/heads throughout the building will be secured.  There will be four restrooms (two men, two women) accessible on the first deck. There will be two restrooms, (one men, one women) accessible on second, third and fourth decks.

Remain agile!  We must continue to protect the Force and accomplish the mission.

Welcome Aboard

Welcome to the Marine Corps Support Facility New Orleans!  Marine Forces Reserve and Marine Forces North are tenant commands aboard the Facility as are the headquarters elements of 4th Marine Division, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, 4th Marine Logistics Group and the Force Headquarters Group.

The Facility was established in June 2011 and is a 29 acre secure compound located in the historic neighborhood of Algiers, a suburb of the City of New Orleans.  The main building aboard the Facility is the 411,000 square foot Lt. Col. Joseph J. McCarthy building, which contains all administrative and support functions for all tenant commands.  If you are a member of the commands listed above, you will be a part of Headquarters Battalion and work inside the McCarthy building.

More information regarding the facility, your move, and the surrounding areas is located in links to the right.  If you have suggestions regarding content, please contact the Facility Adjutant here

Welcome to New Orleans. I hope this information helps you to get off to a great start in your new assignment.

Torrens G. Miller

Col. Torrens G. Miller
Commanding Officer
Marine Corps Support Facility New Orleans

Unit Leaders

Colonel Torrens G. Miller
Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Support Facility New Orleans

Sergeant Major Benny R. Benton
Sergeant Major, Marine Corps Support Facility New Orleans
HQBN UPFRP Statement from Commanding Officer