Sexual Assault Prevention & Response


The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program serves as a resource for military members and their adult dependents who have been victims of sexual assault.  The SAPR program is the single point of contact to facilitate support services through victim advocacy, resources, and referrals and it provide policy and program support to all commanders throughout U.S. Marine Forces Reserve (MARFORRES) while remaining committed to sexual assault prevention through training, education and community awareness.

Program Information

The MARFORRES SAPR program consists of a Force-level Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC), Command-level SARCs for each Major Subordinate Command, Civilian SAPR Victim Advocates stationed at MARFORRES headquarters in New Orleans, LA.  In addition, there are uniformed SAPR Victim Advocates (VAs) geographically dispersed throughout the force.   



Supports a positive command climate in which victims and those who assist victims of sexual assault feel confident about reporting their experiences without retaliation.

Provides training commensurate with the knowledge and duties of target audiences that emphasizes how to prevent sexual assault through bystander intervention and addresses acts of retaliation within the Corps. 

Confidential 24/7 access to credentialed advocates who provide crisis intervention and referrals to supportive resources, including medical care and dedicated legal representation. 

Victim reporting options to file either a confidential Restricted Report or an Unrestricted Report which serves as a bridge to command involvement and offender accountability. 

Independent investigation of unrestricted and third-party reports of sexual assault incidents by the appropriate investigative agency (e.g., NCIS). 

Fair and judicious disposition of investigated sexual assault incidents by senior and experienced officers (06 and higher, specially trained as Sexual Assault Initial Disposition Authority) with the goal of holding offenders appropriately accountable. 

Use of targeted research for program updates focused on stopping sexual assault before it occurs and opens the door to more reporting of sexual assault incidents by both male and female Marine victims. 

Your Options

Victims of sexual assault have two reporting options  

Restricted Reporting – Allows a victim of sexual assault to confidentially disclose their assault to those with confidentiality: SAPR Victim Advocates, SARCs, Health Care Providers/Counselors, or Chaplains.  The restricted reporting option does not trigger command notification or a law enforcement investigation. Information about available resources will be offered such as medical treatment, counseling, chaplain services, and advocacy through the SAPR program.  

 Unrestricted Reporting – Allows a victim of sexual assault to receive supportive services (medical treatment, counseling, and advocacy services), an official law enforcement investigation, and Command involvement.  When selecting unrestricted reporting, it is recommended that current reporting channels, (SARC, SAPR VA, chain of command, health care professional, or law enforcement) are utilized to ensure that details are limited to those who have a legitimate need to know.  

Learn More

To gain a thorough understanding of your reporting options and the available resources, you are encouraged to speak to a SARC, SAPR VA or Victims Legal Counsel (VLC).  Speaking with these individuals first is the best way to protect your privacy and confidentiality.  Disclosure to others may limit your available options.  Additional program information, policies, and procedures are available in MCO 1752.5C.   

To make a report of sexual assault: 
Marine Forces Reserve 24/7 Sexual Assault Support Line @ 877- 432-2215 
DoD Safe Helpline @ 877-995-5247 (

  • MARFORRES 24/7 SAPR Support Line
    • Text : (504) 655-3521
    • Call : (877) 432-2215
    • Text : 55-247
    • Call : (877) 995-5247
    • OCONUS : (202) 470-5546