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Psychological Health Outreach Program
Marine Forces Reserve Logo
Marine Corps Forces Reserve
2000 OPELOUSAS AVENUE | New Orleans, LA. 70114

Mission Statement

An all encompassing program dedicated to providing Reservists full access to appropriate psychological health care services, increasing resiliency, and facilitating recovery, which is essential to maintaining a ready military force.


Who Are We?

Psychological Health Outreach Program (PHOP) services are offered by a team of Licensed Clinical Professionals including many former military members and military dependents. All services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.


Marine Reservists (including IRR) and their family members (including significant others & loved ones).

How Do You Participate in Our Program?

Contact your local PHOP team to refer yourself or refer a peer/friend/family member. We also receive referrals from commands, flash reports/SIRs, and PDHRA/ MHA referrals.

What Do We Do for Commands?

Outreach: Site Visits and monthly outreach via phone and email.

Consultations: 24/7 on-call email/phone service for any high risk SELRES or assistance
with SITREPS/Flash Reports.

Training: Briefings and/or workshops on Operational Stress Control, Suicide Prevention,
Stress/Resilience, and other customized trainings.

Resiliency Check-ins: PHOP conducts an onsite "All Hands" Behavioral Health Screening (BHS) of individual Service Members. Leadership is briefed with an After Action Report utilizing aggregate data from the individual BHS, that identifies local trends and a minimum of the top 5 stressors within the HTC.
Through partnerships with government and community subject matter experts, PHOP follows through with a Plan of Action to address the identified stressors.

Contact Information

2000 Opelousas Ave.
New Orleans, La. 70114

Toll Free:  
1-866-578-PHOP (7467)



PHOP Brochure