U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve


U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve

Augment. Support. Reinforce.

2000 Opelousas Ave., New Orleans, LA. 70114
Marine Forces Reserve will AUGMENT, REINFORCE and SUPPORT.

MARFORRES is comprised of two groups of Marines and Sailors – those who are not currently on active duty, and those who are. The former represent the core of our warfighting strength; the latter are the critical enablers who ensure we are always combat ready. Both groups are essential. Neither group could succeed without the other. We are all members of “the first team.” We must all meet “first team” standards.
The mission of Marine Forces Reserve (MARFORRES) is to augment and reinforce active Marine forces in time of war, national emergency or contingency operations, provide personnel and operational tempo relief for the active forces in peacetime, and provide service to the community. 

Equipped and trained to the same rigorous standards as our active Marine forces, to include joint operations, Marine Forces Reserve will be trained and educated to the highest levels, and provide rapid response when called upon. As versatile Continental Marines, Marine Forces Reserve will be ever-ready to alleviate the intense personnel and operational tempo of active forces in peacetime.

As citizen-Marines, the men and women of Marine Forces Reserve will be community beacons by living the Marine Corps' story of daily service to family, community, and nation.

The largest command in the Corps, the men and women of MARFORRES stand ready to answer the nation's call at home and abroad.