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MFR SEAL - FLAT - 2022
Marine Corps Forces Reserve
2000 Opelousas Ave., New Orleans, LA. 70114

Facilities Mission

The mission of MARFORRES Facilities is to maintain and modernize the Reserve installation’s infrastructure to meet the evolving operational and base support requirements of the Force.

Facilities (G-F) Staff:
Assistant Chief of Staff (AC/S)
Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff (D AC/S)
Facilities Chief
(504) 697-9800
(504) 697-9805
(504) 697-9525
Operations Officer
Deputy Operations Officer
Public Works Officer
(504) 697-9808
(504) 697-9880
(504) 697-9807
Asset Management: 
Branch Head

(504) 697-9819
Financial Management: 
Branch Head

(504) 697-9856
Environmental/ Energy Management:
Branch Head

(504) 697-9840
Housing Management:
Branch Head

(504) 697-9803

The MARFORRES Facilities Department is continually looking for motivated civil servants with  skill/experience in a range of disciplines including infrastructure planning, construction/project  management, energy, realty, environmental management, and financial administration. 

Join the team in New Orleans, Louisiana.