Reserve Support Activity Quantico
Deployment Processing Command - Reserve Support Unit East
Force Headquarters Group

Unit Training

RSA-Quantico is dedicated to providing realistic and unique unit training opportunities to units of all service components. Besides being the “intellectual” crossroads of the Corps, Quantico has some of the finest small caliber weapons ranges and ground maneuver areas in the United States. Additionally, RSA-Q offers several Training Simulator options aboard Camp Upshur. Also, challenge courses, gas chamber, and the swimming pool of The Basic School are available during certain periods of the year for weekend training.

Marine Corps Reserve units should contact the Reserve Unit Liaison with requests for use of Camp Upshur facilities and simulators, and detailed information of your training plan specifying what range or training area you are requesting. All other units/components should contact the Operations Chief. Information on specific ranges can be found on the Quantico Range Management website.

Training Support Requests (TSR) are due 45 days prior to the day of occupation for USMCR drill weekends and active component/sister service requests, and 90 days out prior to the start of USMCR annual training evolutions, with the exception of real world missions, which are prioritized on a case-by-case basis. Due to a high operational tempo in summer months, units are strongly encouraged to submit requests as early as possible. USMCR units wishing to conduct their annual training aboard Camp Upshur should reach out to the Operations Chief to schedule an Initial Planning Conference prior to submitting a TSR.


Personnel requiring Vehicle Rollover Egress Training as part of their PTP buildup should contact the Operations Chief for scheduling.

RSA-Q hosts multiple PFT/CFT/Height-Weight events for Individual Augments (IA) and individual reservists located in the NCR. IAs who wish to conduct their PFT/CFT during one of these events must arrive with proper uniform, DOD ID card, and have a current PHA. Marines are encouraged to contact the Operations Chief the week of the scheduled training event to confirm that no changes to dates/times have occurred due to current weather forecasts. Masks will be  worn while the tests are being ran.

PFT Dates CY2021

2 April  Rescheduled for 9 April due to weekend 96

7 May

18 June

CFT Dates CY2021

17 September

22 October

10 December

*All Marines conducting the CFT are required to be in the proper uniform for the event (i.e. cammies). Furthermore, all Marines conducting the CFT will be required to bring a hard copy of their IMR to show proof of PHA completion*



Provide administrative, training, and logistical support to Reserve Component individuals and units serving aboard MCB Quantico; on order, manage Reserve mobilization and demobilization in support of the National Capital Region and other gaining force commanders.

Contact Information

26102 Bailey St.
Camp Upshur
Quantico, VA 22134

Director, Reserve Support  Activity: (703) 784-2516

Operations Chief, Senior Enlisted:(703) 784-2464

Reserve Unit Liaison:              (703) 432-0705

Logistics Chief: (703) 432-0469

PPC Mobilization: (703) 432-2464

Fax: (703) 784-5430


*Use E-Mail Address to submit  TSR's