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Marine Corps Individual Reserve Support Activity (MCIRSA)
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Marine Forces Reserve
2000 Opelousas Ave., New Orleans, LA. 70114


Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Marine Corps Individual Reserve Support Activity is to provide support to Headquarters, Marine Corps for the involuntary recall of Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) Marines and to conduct administrative screening of IRR Marines in order that they can augment and reinforce the active component. 


The secondary mission is to provide:  

  • Command and general administrative support to IRR Marines.

  • Limited training opportunities for IRR Marines.

  • Limited family readiness support for recalled (voluntary and involuntary) IRR Marines.

  • Limited general administrative support to the Standby Reserve

  • Limited General administrative support to Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) Marines.

  • Program management and operational oversight for the Readiness Support Programs (RSP)

  • Program management of the Mobilization Training Unit (MTU) Program. 


The links below will show you the organization of the Marine Corps Reserve, from the top down; the last two are MCIRSA specific.

Contact Information

2000 Opelousas Ave.
New Orleans, La. 70114

Unit Phone:

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