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Protocol is the practice developed among nations in the course of their contact with one another.  Protocol is an unwritten guideline; which guides how an activity should be performed.  It combines the use of good manners; common sense and allows for effective communications between heads of state and their representatives.  As with any “Rule of the Road”, a charted course will get you to a specific place and time for a certain occasion. Meaning if you practice good protocol you can avoid embarrassing moments.   

The mission of the Marine Forces Reserve (MARFORRES) and Marine Forces North Protocol (MARFORNORTH) Office, is to provide all members with a basics overview on protocol and etiquette. In addition, the protocol office, coordinate and execute all executive level activities; distinguish visitor’s (DV) visits; assists subordinate command with requirements as they relate to protocol by providing guidance, advice and directions in areas relating to; seating, precedence, receiving lines and arranging visits from important visitors.

  • "Honor and Respect (The Official Guide to Names and Titles)" by: Robert Hickey
  • "Naval Ceremonies, Customs and Traditions" by: William P. Mack and Royal W. Connell (5thEdition)
  • "Service Etiquette" by: Oretha D. Swartz

Beverly A. Boyd, Director of Protocol

2000 Opelousas Ave
New Orleans, LA 70114

Office:    (504)697-7015