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Staff Judge Advocate



Staff Judge Advocate (SJA). The Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) is a shared service that provides command legal advice, staff legal review, related legal training, and investigative support to the Commander, Marine Forces Reserve/Marine Forces South; all Marine Forces Reserve/Marine Forces South staff sections; Major Subordinate Commands (MSCs):  4th Marine Division, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, 4th Marine Logistics Group, Force Headquarters Group, Headquarters Battalion, and Marine Innovation Unit; and all SMCR commanders, I-I staffs, and units regarding the following matters:

(1) Military Justice: Provides command advice on Non-judicial Punishment (NJP), courts-martial, preliminary inquiries, non-punitive measures, and searches and seizures.

(a) The SJA examines, advises, and makes recommendations on all military justice cases forwarded to Commander, Marine Forces Reserve/Marine Forces South for action.

(b) The SJA reviews, advises, and prepares Commander, Marine Forces Reserve/Marine Forces South or MSCs actions and promulgation documents on all Article 32 investigations, court martial orders, and NJPs that require legal review.

(c) The SJA coordinates with the Legal Service Support Section – National Capital Region for trial services and litigation support of Marine Forces Reserve/Marine Forces South cases.

(2) Involuntary Separations: Reviews, processes, and advises Commander, Marine Forces Reserve/Marine Forces South and MSCs regarding all officer Boards of Inquiries (BOI), enlisted administrative separations, and conscientious objector packages.

(3) Claims and Investigations: Pursuant to the Judge Advocate General (JAG) Manual, reviews and prepares endorsements on all command investigations (including line of duty determinations), litigation reports, and claims for and against the U.S. Government. Such review does not include contract or commercial claims (see paragraph 2408.3 of this Order).

(4) Military Personnel Issues: Provides command advice on “request mast”, relief for cause, sexual harassment, Article 138 complaints, and complaints of wrong doing (pursuant to the Navy Regulation 1150).

(5) International and Operational Law: Responsible for all operational and international legal matters, including laws of war, posse comitatus, rules of engagement, targeting, and related issues.

(6) Congressional Interest: Provides command advice on all Congressional Interest (CONGRINTS) and Special Interest (SPLINTS) correspondence pertaining to military justice issues.

(7) Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Liaison: Responsible for liaising with NCIS on all criminal matters involving Marine Forces Reserve/Marine Forces South units.

(8) Civil Law: Responsible for command advice concerning service of process, delivery of service members, compliance with the Privacy Act and other matters concerning the rights and duties of Marine Forces Reserve/Marine Forces South units with respect to Civil Authorities.



(1) To be treated with fairness and respect for the victim's dignity and privacy.

(2) To be reasonably protected from the accused.

(3) To be notified of any decision to dispose of an allege offense at court-martial, NJP or ADSEP proceedings.

(4) To be present at all public court-martial, NJP, and ADSEP proceedings, unless the court or legal advisor, after receiving clear and convincing evidence, determines that testimony by the victim would be materially affected if the victim heard other testimony at the proceeding.  This right does not obligate the government to pay for expenses incurred by the victim to be present.

(5) To be reasonably heard at any public proceeding involving release, plea, sentencing, or parole of the accused.  This right does not obligate the government to pay for expenses incurred by the victim to be present. 

(6) To confer with the attorney for the Government in the case. 

(7) To receive information about the conviction, sentence, confinement, and release of the accused. 

(8) To be notified of the apprehension of an accused, the initial appearance of an accused before a military judge, the release of the accused pending court-martial, any escape of the accuse, and the time and location of any trial, NJP, or ADSEP proceedings (including entry of guilty pleas and sentencing).

(9) To proceeding free from unreasonable delay.

(10) To receive available restitution.


Frequently Called Numbers
Staff Judge Advocate (504) 697-8360
Deputy Staff Judge Advocate (504) 697-8392
4th Marine Division Judge Advocate (504) 697-8315
4th Marine Air Wing Judge Advocate (504) 697-8389
4th Marine Logistics Judge Advocate (504) 697-8389
Force Headquarters Group Judge Advocate (504) 697-8389
Headquarters Battalion Judge Advocate (504) 697-8315
Marine Forces Reserve Legal Chief (504) 697-8394
Marine Forces Reserve Legal Clerk (504) 697-8370
Administrative Separations (504) 697-9890
Marine Forces South SJA (504) 697-8361
Marine Forces South NCOIC (504) 697-8367

Link:  The Secretary of Defense's memo of integrity of the Military Justice Process



MARADMIN 314/00 Transitional Compensation for Abused Family Members
MARADMIN 398/04 Transitional Compensation for Abused Family Members
MARADMIN 202/06 Transitional Compensation for Abused Family Members (TCAFM)