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Join the Marine Innovation Unit to prepare the Corps for the fight of the future!

The Marine Innovation Unit (MIU) is a new and exciting unit designed to accelerate advanced technology development for the Marine Corps.

MIU partners with Combat Development & Integration and Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory to support the Secretary of the Navy, Commandant of the Marine Corps, and Major Subordinate Commanders.

The Marine Corps has always relied on improvisation and resourcefulness to win battles. The world's most powerful weapon is still the human mind. Our thinkers, innovators, and improvisers will prove decisive during future conflicts.

The application process involves skills screening, interviews and a panel discussion. There will be limited billets so the first and finest that apply stand the best chance of getting into the unit. Anyone from E-5 to 0-6 with specific skill sets is eligible to apply to work in a very fluid and impactful way to accelerate the Corps' ability to address future threats. Click the link to the right to see the open billets. Don’t wait to apply!

The MIU will tap into the roster of highly experienced and educated Reserve Marines who possess high-demand, low-density skills in areas like:

Artificial Intelligence Human Systems  
Advanced Manufacturing Quantum Computing  
Autonomy and Robotics Space  
Big Data Supply Chain  
Cyber Synthetic Biology  
Energy and Materials and more  

The MIU is headquartered in New York, but the work is performed all over the globe to leverage the talent pool we have in the Reserves.

Join the Marine Innovation Unit to prepare the Corps for the fight of the future!


Contact Information

10 McDonald Street
Stewart ANG Base, Newburgh, NY. 12550

Unit Phone:
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The Marine Innovation Unit (MIU) leverages existing Marine talent to address advanced technology challenges in order to accelerate the development of new capabilities.



Click here to see the current billet openings.



To receive information on the Marine Innovation Unit, submit the information request form via this link.