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Site Sergeant Major, Marine Air Support Squardon 6 Sergeant Major John M. Studley

Sergeant Major Studley attended recruit training at MCRD San Diego, California from February 1993 - May 1993. Following recruit training, Private Studley attended Marine Combat Training at Camp Pendleton, California and then reported to his primary MOS school at Camp Del Mar, California. Upon completion of this assignment, he was designated a 3531, Motor Transport Operator, and was promoted to the rank of Private First Class.


In October 1993, Private First Class Studley reported to 8th Communication Battalion, Service Company, 2d Surveillance Reconnaissance Intelligence Group. While stationed here he held the billet of Motor Transport Operator until he was promoted to Lance Corporal on 1 May 1993, at which point he filled the dispatcher billet. On 1 June 1994 he was promoted to Corporal and filled the billet of Chief Dispatcher.


Corporal Studley reported to 1st Marine Air Wing, Marine Tactical Aviation Control Squadron 18, Okinawa, Japan in November of 1995 and assumed the position of Chief Dispatcher. In December of 1996 he left Okinawa and reported to Alpha Company, 8th Motor Transport Battalion, 2d Force Service Support Group. On 1 April 1997 he was promoted to Sergeant and during his tenure held the positions of Chief Dispatcher and Headquarters Platoon Sergeant. In November 2000 Sergeant Studley left the Marine Corps after 8 years of service.


In April 2001 Sergeant Studley reenlisted into the Marine Corps and reported to Fort Sill, Oklahoma where he attended Artillery Scout Observer Course and following its completion he reported to Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, California where he attended Naval Gunfire Spotter Course. After completing both courses he reported to Tango Battery, 5th Battalion 10th Marines, 2d Marine Division where he held the billet of Battery Liaison Chief. On 1 November 2002 he was promoted to Staff Sergeant and also earned the position of Platoon Sergeant.


In January 2005 he reported to MCRD San Diego, Recruiter School and after completion he was assigned to Recruiting Station Chicago, Recruiting Sub-Station Chicago Heights where he performed the duties of Canvassing Recruiter from April 2005 – October 2007. On 1 April 2006 he was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant. In November 2007 he ended his tour as a canvassing recruiter and assumed the role of Staff Non Commissioned Officer in Charge, Recruiting Sub Station, Joliet until he rotated back to the Fleet Marine Force in February 2008.


Gunnery Sergeant Studley reported to 3d Marine Expeditionary Force, 3d Marine Headquarters Group, 5th Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company in February 2008 where he held the position of 2nd Brigade Platoon, Platoon Sergeant. While stationed with 5th ANGLICO he completed one combat tour in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom supporting the 7th Iraqi Division. In December 2010 he was selected and frocked to First Sergeant, and received orders to 9th Engineer Support Battalion, Okinawa, Japan where he served as Alpha Company First Sergeant. In April 2010 his company was attached to Combat Logistics Battalion 3 to serve in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan.


In May 2011 he reported to 2D Marine Special Operations Battalion (which was re-designated as 2D Marine Raider Battalion on 19 June 2015) where he held the billet of Company 1stSgt, Marine Special Operations Company Fox (MSOC F), during this time he deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom from 10 August 2012 – 4 April 2013. On 28 June 2013 he was transferred to H&S Company. On 16 January 2015 he was transferred to MSOC G and deployed in support of Operation Inherent Resolve from July 2015 – December 2015.


On 11 January 2016 he was frocked to his present rank and on 18 February 2016 reported to his present duty station to serve as the Site Support Sergeant Major (Chicopee, MA), MACG-48.