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Readiness and Deployment Support

The goal of Readiness and Deployment Support is to prepare families for the unique challenges of a deployment, in addition to maintaining a constant state of readiness independent of deployment.

Readiness and Deployment Support Trainers coordinate and deliver briefs and workshops to inform and support your unit through every stage of deployment. The information presented in these briefs is critical for Marines/Sailors (single and married) and their family members to be aware of in order to be prepared and have a successful deployment. 

Readiness Workshops

Deployment Cycle Briefs/Workshops
(Pre, Mid, and Return)

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HQMC MCCS Deployment Support
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Deployment Checklists

Essential Life Skills for Military Families

Essential Life Skills is designed specifically for Reserve component military members and their families. These interactive and engaging workshops will help participants deal with the unique challenges experiencing as a reserve military family. Held in the local community to the unit, the classes are taught by Readiness and Deployment Support Trainers, from Marine Corps Family Team Building, Marine Forces Reserve.

Participants will discover practical and enjoyable ways to create strong, healthy and resilient relationships. They will gain knowledge about managing finances and routine legal issues, becoming a better listener and problem solver and parenting together and apart. The four modules are Preparing for Unexpected Events, Finance, Legal, and Resilience in the family.

Essential Life Skills for Military Families is ideal for Pre Deployment preparations, but can be held anytime as Readiness training.

NOTE: If you are interested in attending any of the trainings listed above, please contact your unit Family Readiness Officer.

FRO: All trainings may be tailored to the specific needs of your unit. Please contact MCFTB Readiness and Deployment Support Trainers and discuss which trainings you would like MCFTB to bring to your unit.

This event may qualify as a “Yellow Ribbon Event”

Seminar Guidelines

POC: All seminars must be scheduled through the unit FRO or Deputy FRO
Duration flexible: 1.5 - 8 hours

Recommended Audience:
Adult Programs- all unit members, family member and significant others. May include children 16 and over.
Kids Programs- Children ages 5 through 16
Minimum Participant Requirement: 20 people

Requirements: Classroom, easel with display paper, markers, power point access

***To schedule a session please call (504) 697-8112/8113***



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