U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve


U.S. Marine Corps Forces Reserve

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Aerial Requests

The Marine Corps can provide aerial support--- fixed wing (jets, planes) or rotary (helicopters)---in support of certain community events.

To get started, begin by thoroughly completing the Department of Defense “Request for Military Aerial Support” (DD2535) and submitting to smb.mfr.pao.comrel@usmc.mil. Do not fax requests. To assure your request is received and processed please include the asset requested, and the date and location of the event in the subject line (i.e. Color Guard Request-25July2014- Washington, D.C.). To confirm receipt or for any questions, call (504) 697-8184.

The Department of Defense requires all support provided by Marine Corps assets to be incidental to the hosting event. Any changes to information regarding the request after submission must be directly communicated to the aviation liaison including changes to event dates, points of contact, or telephone numbers. Failure to report any changes from the original request to the Marine Corps' aviation liaison prior to the convening of the selection board will disqualify the event for consideration.