The official mission of Marine Corps Forces Reserve.


Commander, Marine Forces Reserve (COMMARFORRES) commands and controls assigned forces for the purpose of augmenting and reinforcing the Active Component with trained units and individual Marines as a sustainable and ready operational reserve in order to augment and reinforce active forces for employment across the full spectrum of crisis and global engagement.  COMMARFORRES is the principal advisor to the Commandant of the Marine Corps on matters pertaining to Marine Forces Reserve.



Marine Forces Reserve is the headquarters command for approximately 100,000 Reserve Marines and 160 Reserve Training Centers located throughout 47 of the United States, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico.

The United States Marine Corps Reserve was established when Congress passed the Naval Appropriations Act of Aug. 29, 1916 and is responsible for providing trained units and qualified individuals to be mobilized for active duty in time of war, national emergency or contingency operations. Marine Forces Reserve also provides personnel and operational tempo relief for active component forces in peacetime.

The Marine Reserve team possesses capabilities across the full spectrum of military operations; from humanitarian assistance and disaster relief support to the most potent combat forces in the world.

Marine Forces Reserve, the largest command in the Corps, has four major subordinate commands: the 4th Marine Division, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, 4th Marine Logistics Group, and Force Headquarters Group.

Serving with great distinction, in every clime and place, Reserve Marines have regularly operated alongside the active component in both World Wars, Korean Conflict, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War and numerous other conflicts including Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

In order to keep its fighting edge, Marine Forces Reserve’s units participate annually in numerous large exercises in places such as Norway, South Korea, the Balkans, Central America, Thailand and Africa.

The vision for Marine Forces Reserve is to be the Nation's premier Reserve component, seamlessly integrating with the active forces, enhancing the operational reach and endurance of the Marine Corps... always capable of fighting and winning.

Marine Forces Reserve's motto, "Augment, Reinforce, Support," articulates the necessary actions required to provide a sustainable force for the long-term defense of our nation.