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Training & Education


Enlisted PME

Enlisted Professional Military Education (EPME) provides a continuum of education to improve leadership, sharpen critical and creative thinking skills, and deepen Marines’ understanding of warfighting concepts in distributed and joint environments.  The goal is to create ethical, professional leaders who make sound decisions in complex operational situations.​​


Officer PME

The Reserve Officer Professional Military Education (PME) Section provides Marine Corps Reserve Officers with the information and coordination to attend levels of PME that are commensurable with their grade as covered by MCO 1553.4B


Commandant's Professional Reading List

The CPRL is arranged into two sections: "Commandants Choice" and "Grade Levels."  Each Marine shall read a minimum of five books from the “Commandants Choice” or “Grade Level” sections each year.

The Grade Level titles are separated into five levels for both enlisted Marines and officers.  These levels coincide with specific ranks and Marines should attempt to read all titles within their level prior to proceeding to a higher level.

Per the references, completion of the CPRL reading requirement shall be noted in the individual Marines fitness report or taken into account when assigning Proficiency/Conduct marks.  How a Marine demonstrates completion of the annual requirement is at the discretion of the commander.