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Global Billets
Review the list of open Reserve billets. Find opportunities listed by location, rank, unit, MOS, rank and duration.






When a Unit Deployment shortfall is identified, the Sourcing Cell will send E-mail solicitations to personnel who meet the Grade/PMOS/Clearance requirement.  Submit your information and keep your E-mails up-to-date if you wish to be identified as a future sourcing solution.

Please read the instructions above in its entirety before contacting MARFORRES Sourcing Cell.

MFR Sourcing Cell POC's
Sgt Zachary A. Ureste, Sourcing Chief
Cpl James W. Tewell, Sourcing Clerk






For SMCR Marines interested in volunteering for HQMC Boards, complete the Board Questionnaire and Statement of Understanding listed below, and submit via email to the MFR Sourcing OMB ( for consideration.






Statement of Understanding


Board Questionnaire




MFR Boards Manager

GySgt DeWayne M. Thomas Jr