Major Thomas M. Duhs
Headquarters Company, 25th Marine Regiment

Major Thomas M Duhs was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant upon graduation from Texas A&M in December 2008. He then reported to The Basic School where he completed the Basic Officer Course and the Infantry Officer Course (IOC). Upon completion of IOC, Major Duhs reported to 2d LAR and attended LAV leaders course and was assigned to Company E in 2010.

While in 2d LAR, Maj Duhs served as a Platoon Commander during a deployment to Helmand Province Afghanistan in 2011 where the battalion conducted interdiction mission south of the Helmand River and stability operations IVO FOB Payne and “the fishhook”. In 2012 he was then assigned to the operations section as the training officer and attended EMV as the 3A.

Major Duhs directly affiliated with Weapons Company, 1st Battalion 23rd Marines in January 2013 and moved to Dallas, Texas. While at Weapons, he served as the Heavy Machine gun and Anti-Armor platoon commanders. During this time he participated in annual trainings in Ft AP Hill, VA and deployed as the operations officer of Georgia deployment Training Team (GTT ROTO 13). In April 2015, Major Duhs
transferred to H&S Company, 1/23 to take over as the Company Executive Officer. Most of this time was spent as the commanding officer as there was no CO assigned to the company. Major Duhs once again volunteered to deploy in 2016 with the SCT-Jordan-17 and served as the site OIC in Aqaba Jordan and lead advisor to the 77th Jordanian Marine Battalion.

Major Duhs Applied for and was selected for the Active Reserve Program in the fall of 2017. In May 2018, Major Duhs reported to the Tactical Exercise Control Group aboard MCAGCC Twentynine Palms. While a coyote, Major Duhs qualified as an Advanced Maneuver, Advanced Urban, Armor, and CAAT coyote and sub corridor for all urban training lanes.

Major Duhs Departed TTECG in May 2021 and reported to 25th Marine Regiment as the HQ Co I&I.

Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (3)
Reserve Mobilization Medal